The Freshman Cook: Pan Fried T-Bone Steak

The entree for this week is a pan fried T-bone steak. The reason the T-bone is a great steak is simple. The T-bone contains both a piece of filet mignon and a strip steak!  It is such a great piece to buy if you are splitting the steak. In my case, my husband loves the strip steak, and I love the filet. We buy 1 T-bone, and we are both happy! You will be too!

There is the filet on the left side and the strip steak 

on the right.

Start cutting out the filet by beginning on the outside of the 

steak at the top where the bone is.

Cut all the way around until the filet looks like….

this. It should look a little more familiar now!

That leaves us with the strip. Cut around the bone at the top, and down the center of the bone. There is your strip steak. I only like to use pepper on my steaks, so now is the time to season them. Gorgeous!
Start cooking in the pan. Add a pat of butter to give them a nice flavor and color. I cooked these on medium-high. They are medium rare after about 4 minutes

on each side. I try to only flip them only once.

 Here is your filet!

You can cut it with a fork.


Thanks for joining The Freshman Cook!

Tomorrow we will be making pan fried potatoes and southern banana creme pie! Yum!!

See you then!

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