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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14 is here!

 It's a pleasure to be sharing in this special blog share, The 25 Days of Christmas,  started by the Parga's Junkyard Blog. I hope you check out the other blog posts sharing the holiday season with 24 bloggers who have joined forces to make this season a bit more magical..

 The Bunnies of Christmas...

 Often the Holidays can be a difficult or lonely time for those who have no family or friends nearby, or are left behind because it is difficult to manage having one come to visit for a holiday visit-perhaps due to constraints of illness.  Or sadder still, whether through ill family relations or neglectful family, the elderly or disabled family member is left behind.

It is usually difficult for an elderly or sick person in a nursing home, hospital, or assisted living facility, who receives few or no visits, to watch others receive visits or go out during the holiday season.  I have seen this first hand, having worked in nursing homes, a rehab hospital and mental health facility for about 18 years. Even the smallest gesture is appreciated by these people and can mean a lot.

On the other hand, the warmth of a hug, for example, is nice when given by perhaps a staff person or visitor from a church, it is not always the same as when these people participate in interactions with animals.  There is something about animals, that for most people will let them feel even more relaxed and free to enjoy the interaction than with people they aren't as familiar with. Often times the results are amazing!

For years, I have participated in pet therapy programs with various animals owned by facilities or more often with bringing in my own houserabbits (litterbox trained and all!).  Come share this recent holiday season visit at an assisted living facility and feel the holiday magic yourself with....

The Bunnies of Christmas in the Rabbit Slippers Blog  

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12! It's going quickly!

Join Parga's Junkyard as we Share Christmas with some of the web's best bloggers!  

December 12, 2011

Shimmery Christmas Ornament
So I had planned on knocking your socks off with an amazing tutorial for a wintery glitzy lamp shade for Christmas decorating.  You know how it is,  you have this idea in your head and it's going to be simply stunning... then you set out to recreate your vision and... big fat fail!  Ended up looking like a big white glittery blob!  What's one to do when they get oh so stressed out over not one but 3 failed attempts?
Move on!  So move on I did!
I bring you the glitz in another wonderful little trinket anyone can do, even got the kids involved to make one too!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6 of 25 Days of Christmas!

I can't believe it is Day 6 already! I better get busy checking my list! But before I do that,  I'm going to stop over and see what Sonia  is blogging about at Parga's Junkyard .  Here's a little peak .......

Join Parga's Junkyard as we Share Christmas with some of the web's best bloggers!  


December 6, 2011

Featured Blog - Parga's Junkyard

Do you either host your own Christmas Parties and/or Open House or attend at least one during the holidays where you feel compelled to bring a dish?  Do you like to find something new and exciting or do you tend to stick with the old reliable recipes your mother passed down to you?

 Let's face it, any Holiday Party is only as memorable as the food served!  Well, other than the stories about who drank too much and who sat on who's lap, that is!  But what should you serve this year that will be the talk of the town as we round the corner towards 2012?  What can you cook that will be any different from the rest of the parties and open houses your guests will be attending this year?  Are you looking for some new recipes?  Other than the usual and much used party crackers with pepperoni and cheese why not try some fresh new ideas?  

Head on over to Parga's Junkyard!
It sounds like she has some great recipe ideas!
I'm on my way also, hope I see you there!