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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Sugar Cookies!

It is Cookie Journey Thursday, and today we are making cookies in the shape of an ice cream cone, with a scoop on top, of course! Let's get started!!
I used a Wilton tip #2 for the entire cookie.
Americolor Brown for the cone.
Americolor Light Pink for the ice cream.
Outline the ice cream cone.
Fill it in.
Make diagonal lines from one side of the cone to the other.
Then go back and make them the other way.
Kind of a criss cross pattern.
Outline the ice cream cone on top of the filled in icing.
It should be the same height as the criss cross on the cones.
Outline the pink ice cream.
Fill in the pink.
I made the pink icing a little thicker for the top outline.
Outline on top of the filled in icing just as we did on the cone.
The next time I make these ice cream cone cookies,
 I think I will use a tip bigger than a #2 for the top outline 
on the ice cream. Perhaps a #3 or 4. I just think it would look 
more pronounced with a thicker line.
Thanks for joining me today!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mini Sugar Cookies and a Giveaway!

Today for Cookie Journey Thursday, I made some simple, pretty mini sugar cookies shaped like a flower. I thought they fit in perfectly with our "Mini Week" of desserts.
To make these cookies I used a Wilton #2 tip 
and the following colors:
Americolor Super Red, Turquoise, and Leaf Green
and Wilton Violet.
To get the different shades of the same color, I just
used fewer drops when mixing the color.
Outline your flower cookie and then...
fill in with the same color.
Let dry.
Place a white dot in the center of each cookie
with a Wilton tip #4.
Enjoy !
Simple and sweet and mini!
(and you can eat more than one because they're small)

Thanks for joining
The Freshman Cook 
today for Day 4 for our
"Mini Week of Desserts".

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Just leave a comment about what
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Beach Ball Cookies!

It's Thursday already! I can't believe how fast the weeks fly by!! Today is Cookie Journey Thursday here at The Freshman Cook, and this week I worked on making a beach ball cookie. I used a round 2" diameter circle cookie cutter, and I copied an advertisement for a beach ball to determine color and placement of the color. It went pretty well, but I need a little practice with getting my icing ready to use. A couple times it got clogged in the tips. I made the icing last week, and I kept it covered in a plastic container with a lid, but it didn't seem as nice as when I first mixed it.
I used Americolor Orange, Leaf Green and Super Red.
I also used Wilton Lemon Yellow, Royal Blue, and 
plain white. I did everything with a #2 tip.
I used a food marker on the round cookies, marked off the center,
and the 6 color sections. I used an ad for a beach ball
as a guide. I filled in the green center first.
I outlined and filled in the white section first.
Then I outlined and filled in the 
yellow, red, and green sections.
I finished with the orange and blue.
That's it. It wasn't difficult. The toughest thing was
making sure the angles for the sections on the ball 
are correct. I think my spacing needs some work, but I 
love the colors, and beach balls are fun! I think I 
will go buy a beach ball. It may be helpful to have
it in front of me to get better spacing of the sections!

Thanks for joining me this week!
I hope you are learning along with me. 

Stop by next Friday for Cookie Journey Thursday.
I have another post due on Thursday, so I have pushed 
my cookie journey to Friday. I will continue with
summer funtime posts for a few weeks!

Friday, May 25, 2012

She's A Grand Old Flag!

Today is another Cookie Journey Thursday, and we are making Flag cookies for Memorial Day! I love making cookies for special holidays!
I used a Wilton #2 tip for everything, and I used 
Wilton Royal Blue and Americolor Super Red #120 for the icing.
I cut out my cookie, and started the decorating by
outlining a circle at the top of the flag pole, and then filling it in.
Let it dry before going on to the next step.
Outline and then fill in the flag pole. 
Mark out a small square at the top for the bed of stars,
outline and then fill in. Let dry.
Here is a pic from the top of the cookie. The flag should look
like it is waving, so I brought the blue field all the way to the top,
and I made it as wide as the first scallop on the cookie.
Let the icing dry.
I made the first stripe red, and followed with 6 stripes total.
I let the stripe dry for about 20 minutes before 
moving on.
I piped the stripes freehand. It was very easy.
I made sure that the first red and the first white stripe
were equal in width to the field of blue. I was going to sketch
a line as a guide for the rest of the stripes, but instead
I estimated the width and drew the first line, like the red one above.
Then I came back along the previous white line. This was a
lot like the outlining I piped when I made the graduation cookies, 
but this looks much better. 
I guess it does pay to practice!
 (I should have listened to that advice a long time ago!)
Then I piped the line at the edge of the flag, and filled
in the stripe.
I think these turned out pretty well, but
I definitely need to perfect this, so look for these again
near the 4th of July.
Practice makes Perfect!
(or so I have heard :))

Looking for cookie cutters? 
I got a great email today from Foose Cookie Cutters,
and they have some fantastic new cutters!
Check them out!

Thanks for joining me today!
I hope someone is practicing along with me!

Have a great Memorial Day and weekend!!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cookie Journey Thursday~Practice Cookies

This week I decided to make some practice cookies to work on improve my basic decorating skills. I used some flower cutouts, mainly because they are pretty and the colors are cheerful, but also because I have a Mother's Day and a gardening cookie brainstorm going on.
Here is what I cut out.
I started with a pink tulip. I still find myself piping too 
close to the edge. I need to remember that.
I love these colors, don't you?
So springy and happy!
I outlined the edges and the inside of the large tulips 
with a #2 tip and the small tulips with a #1 tip.
It's rather hard to see in the pics, but I think I liked the #1
tip better. With the #1 tip the result is a more delicate
look, which is perfect for the flowers.
I still need to work on ending my piping.
I don't like how it looks.
See that big blob at the bottom.
The yellow tulip looks a little better.
The pink one is my favorite. I will continue to work on this 
throughout the week. 

Thanks for joining me today!
Don't forget to join the Land O'Lakes giveaway! It ends 
Saturday, April 28, 2012 at midnight Pacific Time.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Cookies on Cookie Journey Thursday

Thanks for joining me for Cookie Journey Thursday! My son's friend had a baby girl recently, and he asked me if I would send some cookies to celebrate this special occasion. Well, you know I said yes! This is what I made.
 Whenever I make cookies as a gift, I like to send the cookies in something the recipient can use.
I found this pink basket and matched up some pretty receiving blankets to put in the basket. The blankets also gave me a color scheme to use. I just love the light and dark pink with a little light green. I made the icing  that I always use, and I colored some of it light pink using Americolor #132, some darker pink, using Americolor #164, and the rest light green using very little Wilton Willow Green.

The Bib:

Outline the bib with the light pink.
Immediately fill in.
Let dry completely.
 I am not happy with the way there is a distinction
between the outlining and the fill. At first I thought it might be
because I live in a very dry climate, but after checking into it more,
I think it was because I did not make the icing thin enough.
Using a #2 tip and the light green, I randomly piped
some mini petals on the bib. I just made four very short
lines in the pattern shown. 
Then using a #2 tip, and some dark pink, I piped small little dots
in the middle of each one.

The Rattle:
Pipe and fill in the top ball and the bottom ball on the rattle.
I decorated this rattle several times before I was happy with it.
I thought I had more pics of the work in progress on the rattle,
so I apologize. I piped and filled in the light green areas.
Then I piped and filled in the light pink center.
When it was completely dry, I piped a little scroll design,
and added the two dark pink dots.
I thought the top ball needed something, so I piped the same scroll
design on it, and added the two side dots.

The Onesie: 
 I piped and filled in the onesie with light green.
I let it completely dry, then I piped along the design of a onesie.
I wasn't too sure what design to use, so I looked through
lots of outlined onesie cookies online, and found one I liked.
I followed the design along the edges of the onesie, then I went
back and piped on the extra, like at the neck and the sleeve.
After everything was dry, I put little dots on the onesie
in light pink and dark pink.

The Bottle:
I outlined and filled in the base of the bottle.
Let dry completely.
I tried several ways to decorate the band that goes
across the bottle, but I wanted something with a
little texture. So, I took the light green, and I squiggled
across the band area, and then I squiggled back across it.
I think it added just the right amount of dimension.
I piped and filled in the nipple part of the bottle with
dark pink.
I finished the baby bottle by adding
a design like on the bib, only
bigger. I still used the #2 tip,
but when I piped out the light green,
 I pushed a little more icing thru the
tip, making the piping thicker.

The Monogram:
Pipe and the fill in the circle cookies.
I added the initials of the baby in light pink and the
little heart, like I made here.
 After all the cookies were dry, I dropped them in little cello
bags and tied coordinating curly ribbon around the bags.
Don't they look festive?
I unfolded each of the receiving blankets, and bunched them
together in the bottom of the basket, then I covered
the blankets with the cookies.  I added a little card
and sent them on their way.

What do I need to work on?
I need to work on my icing consistency and my
outlining. Circles are a problem for me.

What do you think?
Thanks for joining me today.

Next week I am making cookies for my son.
He will need the nourishment for finals!!
Hope to see you soon!