Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seasonal Pasta Salad

This weeks salad is a dish that is a sure fit for your football buffet. It is made up of a universal favorite~Pasta, and added to the pasta is a spicy, deliciously tasty, beef Kielbasa. Add slices of red onion, and sun dried tomatoes to bring a sweet, heavenly, indulgent taste to the bowl. I think it has something for every football fan!!
Seasonal Pasta Salad
1 1/4 cups Olive Oil
1/3 cup Red Wine Vinegar
2 cloves Garlic, minced
Pinch Salt
1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper
2 teaspoon Oregano
2 slices Red Onion, quartered
1/2 package Beef Kielbasa
8 ounce Radiatore Pasta
1/4 of a Red Pepper
2 pieces Sun Dried Tomatoes
Cut the half of the Kielbasa, and then heat it in the fry pan.
While it is heating, bring the water in a pot to boil. When it
starts to boil, pour the radiatore in to cook for 11 minutes.
While the pasta and the kielbasa are cooking, make your dressing.
Pour the olive oil and the red wine vinegar in a bowl.
Add the garlic and the salt.
 Add the black pepper and the oregano. Whisk
everything together, cover , and refrigerate.
Stack the red peppers together, and cut in half.
Cut into strips.
Chop the strips.
 Take the 2 slices of onion, and quarter them.
Add the onion, the red pepper, and the tomatoes, to the bowl.
Take the kielbasa and cut the pieces in half. They should
be bite size.
Add the dressing and kielbasa, and mix together.
Thanks for joining me today!

Stop by tomorrow when we will be cooking up
our entree, Chicken Wings! After all, it's
not a football game without wings!

See you then!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skyline Chili Dip!

Help! My roots are showing!!! This weeks appetizer is made up of a Cincinnati favorite, and a family and  personal favorite as well. I actually can not remember a time when I did not eat this chili. Even when I moved  2000 miles away I continued to eat it by way of dry ice packages sent in the mail, and visits from friends who dare not show up without chili in hand. This dip was not something I ate then, but I discovered it when it was served at a party I attended when I went back to Cincinnati for a visit. What a treat! It is delicious. Well, that was many years ago, and now you can find Skyline Chili in cans and in supermarkets all around the midwest, and even in parts of the south. That helps a little bit with the craving we occasionally get here in the west, because now friends just bring cans when they visit.
Skyline Chili Dip!
6 oz. Cream Cheese-softened
7.5 oz Skyline Chili
1/4 cup Diced Onions
6 oz. Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Dice your onions.
Spread cream cheese on the bottom of your pan.
Top the cream cheese with the onions.
Top with heated chili.
Top with shredded cheddar.
Heat in oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.
Serve the deliciousness!!

The recipe for this dip is printed on the cans of chili. When
I made the above, I cut the recipe in half, except for the onion.
I used the full recipe of onion. There are a lot of knock off
recipes for this chili floating around the web. I will post one in the future.
If you want to make this, and can't find  Skyline chili, any chili will do.
It won't be Skyline Chili Dip, but it will be good.
You can order some at

Thanks for joining me today!

Tomorrow we will be cooking a Pasta Salad that
is perfect for your football buffet!

Go Team!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hike! To the Grocery

This week we are celebrating the beginning of football season with a tailgate menu to feed the biggest of fans. Let's get started!!

Appetizer: Skyline Chili Dip
Salad: Seasonal Pasta Salad
Entree: Chicken Wings (Teriyaki, BBQ, Buffalo)
Side: Stuffed Meatballs
Dessert: Boys of Fall Cupcakes

Grocery List
Skyline Chili Dip
Cream Cheese
1 can Skyline Chili
Fancy Shredded Mild Cheddar

Seasonal Pasta Salad
Corkscrew Pasta
Red Onion
Orange Pepper
Vegetable Oil
Red Wine Vinegar
Lemon Juice
Worcestershire Sauce
Dijon Mustard
Black Pepper

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Franks Hot Sauce
Sour Cream
Worcestershire Sauce
Dry Mustard
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
6-8 oz. Crumbled Blue Cheese
Dried Chives
Dried Parsley
Dried Tarragon
Dried Oregano
Dried Basil
Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Stuffed Meatballs
1 pound Ground Beef
Bread Crumbs
Vegetable Oil
Mozzarella Block
Virgin Olive Oil
2-15.5 oz cans Chopped Tomatoes
Black Pepper

Chocolate Cupcakes
Confectioners Sugar
Almond Extract
Baking Powder
Meringue Powder
Cream of Tartar

Thanks for joining me!

See you around the grocery store!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do I really Need That?

This is a Kitchen Torch. Do you need one? Probably not, unless you want to make creme brulee, melt cheese on top of French Onion Soup, or brown the top of twice baked potatoes. Ok. You don't really need one, but you won't be sorry that you have one.
 A long time ago, I bought a wonderful kitchen torch at Big Lots for $5.00!! I know, can you believe it?! It was a great quality product. It was made well. It worked great. It was a true deal, and I used it all the time. Fast forward about two years. My son, who is 14 at the time, is installing a car stereo in a friends car. I was not at home, so he needed a lighter to do something with the wires. He couldn't find the one we used for the grill, so he borrowed my torch. Really, that's no problem for me. I would have said yes if I had been home. A few days later he is installing a stereo in another friends car, and then a few days later, another stereo job, and before long~the torch is no longer mine!! Then the worse thing~it breaks. I tried not to be upset, I mean, it's only a thing. I can replace it. Only when I went to replace it, they wanted $35.00. Big Lots' supply was long gone!! My son was upset. He said the flame was perfect for what he was doing.  I'm so glad!! I mean, too bad! So, no more kitchen torch.

  But last Christmas my son bought me a new one. It works great. I love it. It is perfect for caramelizing the sugar on top of creme brulee, and it does wonders for melting cheese, finishing Baked Alaska, and a host of other wonderful things that I am sure you can dream up. Now you will need this with it.
Insert this can into the little nozzle on the bottom of the torch. 
Press and fill. Very easy. 
None of the torches ever seem to come with the gas.
They all need the gas to work.
This makes no sense to me? 
Does it to you?

So the answer is no. This is not a necessity.But it is nice
to have, and it would make a nice gift for someone to give you!!

Thanks for joining me today. 
Please come back tomorrow when I will post 
next weeks menu and grocery list.
It's gonna be a good one!!
Want a hint? 
Are you ready for some football?!!

See you tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

S'Mores Rice Krispie Treats!

This weeks dessert is a variation on two classics. Rice Krispie Treats are a classic childhood dessert, that as far as I know, extends way into adulthood as a favorite, and S'mores synonymous with camping, camp fires and summer time. I felt I had to have these treats as my dessert when we were hiking. They were a perfect fit.  I hope they are a perfect fit for you too.

S'Mores Rice Krispie Treats

6 cups Rice Krispies
4 cups Mini Marshmallows
3 tablespoons Butter
Honey Graham Crackers
2 cups Milk Chocolate Chips
Regular Marshmallows
1-2 packs of mini Hershey Bars, or a couple big bars
Melt the 3 tablespoons of butter in a large saucepan.
While the butter is melting, spray a 9" X 13" pan with
pan spray very lightly.
Spread the spray around the pan with a paper towel. 
You don't want it too heavy because the graham crackers
are going on the bottom. 
Add the mini marshmallows and let them completely melt.
Remove the pan from the heat,and mix in the rice krispie.
Here's a little tip to use when making these: Spray the 
spatula or spoon you want to use to mix everything, with
pan spray. It makes it so much easier to mix because it cuts 
down on the sticking. Add the rice krispies and mix.
Add the chocolate chips and mix. 
Place the graham crackers across the bottom of the pan.
Crack the pieces into the smallest rectangle. Cover the pan.
Put the finished mix on top of the crackers. 
Be careful not to dislodge the crackers.  
Press the mix down with the spatula.
Line up 35 marshmallows on the treats.
Place them in the oven for 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees.
The marshmallows will melt and the brown.
Take the marshmallows out and put a piece of the mini
chocolate bars in each piece of marshmallows.
(I was 3 pieces short!)
Let everything cool.
Cut the pieces according to the cut of the graham crackers.

Thank you for joining me today!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks recipes and you find yourself 
busy making at least one of them.
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sierra Nevada Mountain Trail Mix

This week our side dish is a Trail Mix that just seemed like the perfect accompaniment to our roasted turkey picnic sandwiches. We had a few handfuls with the sandwiches, and then took the rest in our backpack as we hiked a few trails. What a beautiful day, and a welcome relief from the heat in the valley. I can see this Trail Mix being perfect as a after school snack or as a part of a buffet at a football party.

 Sierra Nevada Trail Mix
3 cups Unsalted Roasted Cashews
2 cups M & M's
2 cups Craisins
1 cup Golden Raisins
2 cups mini Marshmallows
1 cup Banana Chips

Put it in a bowl and mix it up!! That's it.
I put some in these little bags for our hike.
Thanks for joining me today!

Tomorrow we will be making a dessert for our picnic and hike,
a S'mores Rice Krispie Treat!
It had to be S'Mores!! What could be more fitting?!

Stop by, and grab a bite!

Fresh Roasted Turkey Sandwiches on Semi Homemade Rolls

Today we are roasting a turkey breast. It's such a simple thing to do, and it is so much tastier than buying turkey from the deli. It's also great practice for Thanksgiving!!
Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast
Turkey Breast
2 Carrots
1 stalk Celery
1/4 of an Onion
Rough chop the carrots. A rough chop is used a lot when 
you are making pot roasts, or baking chicken or turkey.
To rough chop, you are chopping the item with no
regard to identical size. You don't need to worry about the
look because you are only using the item to flavor during the
roasting, then throwing it out.
Rough chop the onions.
Rough chop the celery.
Place the turkey in a pan with a roasting rack under it.
Mine looks this way because my roasting rack and roaster
are still in storage from when we moved. So, I improvised.
Sometimes we have to!! Place the veggies in the pan.
Add butter, cut in 4 pieces, and pepper on the turkey.
Roast the turkey, at 325 degrees for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
During that time, the butter will melt, and using a spoon 
or a baster drizzle the butter on the top of the turkey breast.
Keep an eye on the turkey. I turned the breast over 
about 1 hour into the roasting. I should have put it this way
when I began the roasting. Insert a thermometer.
You can do this at the beginning if you wish.
Cook the turkey to 170 degrees.
Take the turkey out of the oven, and let it rest for about
15 minutes.
Once the turkey has rested, cut the turkey from the bone.
Isn't it beautiful?
Let's make our rolls.
Remember these?
We used them here.
We are using them again for these sandwiches. They are
a family favorite.
I took 1 loaf and cut it into 8 pieces.
Put it on a cookie sheet, and let it rise in a warm spot.
Cook at 350 degrees for 9 minutes,
then let the rolls cool.
Make your sandwiches. I used romaine lettuce, onion,
roma tomato, and 1/2 of an avocado. I added a small dab
of mayo on the warm homemade buns. Sooo Good!

Thanks for joining me today!
There is nothing as good as a fresh made turkey sandwich,
made from a turkey roasted in your own oven.

Tomorrow we will be making our Mountain Trail Mix.
 Stop by and grab a handful!