Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cookie Journey Thursday~St. Pat's Day!!

Here I am late again for Cookie Journey Thursday. Believe it or not, I am not the person that always "is running behind"! I am usually the person that is on time or early, but too much on my plate right now is making me crazy and late! So let's talk cookies!!
St. Patrick's Day Cookies
I love these cookies I made! The shamrocks turned out great,
the pots of gold turned out pretty good, and the rainbows, well,
not so good. Let's start with the shamrock!  :)
This was the easiest cookie to decorate. I used the 
cookie and frosting recipe we used in previous posts.
I outlined the cookie in leaf green,using a Wilton #2 tip,
and then filled it in, using the Wilton #2 tip.
Super Easy!
Now lets make the pot of gold!
I outlined the pot in black,using Wilton #2 tip,
and then filled it in with the black, using the same tip.
I let it dry completely, then, using leaf green and
a Wilton tip #5, I piped a green rim onto the top
of the pot.
Using a Wilton tip #2, I piped small circles on the top of the pot
to look as if coins were falling from the pot. I had to pipe the
circles, and then wait for some to dry, and then stack more on top.
I poured a little gold pearl dust onto some wax paper,
dabbed a tiny bit of water onto a brush,
and then dabbed the brush into the gold dust.
Lightly brush the gold dust onto the circles.
I think the gold added a needed shimmer to the look,
but the coins were not what I was looking for.
I think they should have been flatter and a bit bigger.
Let's make the rainbows!
I outlined the clouds on the rainbows with white
frosting and a Wilton #2 tip.
I filled in both clouds with the same color and tip.
As soon as I filled in each cloud, I sprinkled
white sparkly glitter on each one.
There are six different colors on this rainbow, so I
marked a line with edible marker,
where to start and finish the arch of color.
I started with the purple, using Wilton Violet and a Wilton #5 tip.
This is the second set of rainbow cookies I attempted.
When I made the first set, I used the Wilton tip #2, but they
looked worse than these!! The #5 tip covers much better,
and presents a cleaner look,
except for a few problems which, we will get to soon.
Next, I added the light blue color, Americolor, Electric Blue.
then the green, Americolor Leaf Green,
then the yellow, Wilton Lemon Yellow, orange, Wilton Orange
and the red, Americolor Super Red.
Here is what I need to work on. I am upset at the way I
did not follow the design of the rainbow.
 There should not have been cookie showing. I should have
figured out how to do that. I need to work on this.
Like in this picture. The top of the rainbow was ignored.
Also the start and finish of the arch. It just looks
amateurish. Of course, I am an amateur, but that is
beside the point, don't you think?
 My final problem with the rainbow is the frosting.
The consistency is not correct for all the colors,
and it looks like my hand was shaking when I
applied the frosting. I will be working on all this!

Well, I think things may be getting a little better with
my decorating, but I really need to practice.
 I am making some "new baby" cookies
for a family friend, so you can let me know
 what you think on Thursday!

Meanwhile check out this wonderful blog!
I am a subscriber to Lila Loa, and this is one of her
blog posts from last week. It's all
about icing consistency, and I think you will find it
interesting and full of valuable information!!
I did!!

Thanks for joining me!!

PS~I wrapped all the cookies up and sent them to my
son and his roommates!!I love the taste of these cookies,
so I have to give them away immediately,
or we all know what happens!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cookie Journey Last Thursday!

This post is really last Thursday's Cookie Journey post. Last Thursday was such a bad start to the weekend for me that I got a little delayed in posting these cookies. As it starts to get warmer in the desert, I start to have major allergies. They pretty much knock me down, and every year it takes a couple days to get it together. So, now that I am back to myself again, I will also post our Cookie Journey tomorrow also, so we will be caught up, and on schedule!!
I wanted to make some spring time cookies because I love spring colors, and I came across some mini melt mints that I couldn't resist, and I wanted to use them somehow.
 Hello Spring! Cookies
When I first starting making these cookies I started with this:
and I added this to the top:
These are the mini melts, but I left them whole, except 
for a couple in the middle, but I didn't like the look of the
whole melts and I didn't particularly like the white icing.
I thought maybe I would try to use the colors of the mini melts.
After all, these are the spring colors I loved in the first place.
So I outlined the first cookie in pink. But instead of just straight pink
I thought I would try something different.
I squeezed all the white frosting from the pastry bag,
and filled it with pink frosting, without making sure the
white frosting was all out. I outlined the cookie, and ....
then filled it in like we did in one of our first posts.
I love the look!
We might want to remember this if we do any
tie dye 60's cookies in the future!
Then I took two mints in each color, and chopped them into
very small pieces, and ...
centered them in the middle of the cookie!
I actually chopped the mints before I decorated
the cookie, so I would be ready to put the pieces
on the cookie while it was still wet. I only used about
half of what I chopped. I used the rest for the next cookie.
Then I made a yellow cookie, and...
decorated it with the chopped melts.
And, you know I had to make a green one.

These are all the colors of the melts.
I think they turned out pretty good.
Here is one important thing I learned: Remember when we talked about filling
in the frosting? I discovered that the outline of the pink cookies show
too much for my liking. I prefer the smooth to the edge look.
The outline showed because, #1-It is very dry here, and everything dries too quick,
and #2-while I was filling in the petals on one side of the cookie, the outline
was drying. So when I frosted the green and yellow cookies, I outlined them,
and then filled in going around the entire cookie, essentially filling in the entire
cookie at one time, instead of a section at a time.
I hope that makes sense!
I really thought the filling would be more effective doing it section by section,
but it is not. That is what this cookie journey is all about~discovering what
works, trying to figure out why, and then practice, practice, practice until
we get it right.
I know we can do it!!

Tomorrow is Cookie Journey Thursday again,
and I'm thinking St. Patrick's Day cookies!!

Thanks for joining me!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Tip of Me Hat, to Ya!

As a person of Irish heritage, I love St. Patrick's Day! Today, we are celebrating with Leprechaun hats, that are no bake!! They are simple to put together, and tasty too.

 Leprechaun Hats
Nilla Wafers
Green Candy Melts
Yellow Candy Melts
Black Icing
(ignore the brown melts in the pic)
Cut your marshmallows in half.
Start melting your green candy melts in a double boiler.
For each hat you need 1/2 of a marshmallow and a
nilla wafer.
Put a little dab of the green melted candy melts
on the sticky side of the marshmallow.
Place the marshmallow on the nilla wafer,
sticky side down. Let them dry for
a few minutes.
Stick a skewer in the marshmallow, and dip into your
melted candy melts. Knock off the excess candy melt by
gently knocking the skewer against the edge of the pot.
The melts were very thick for this type of dipping, so
I thinned it with 2 teaspoons of veggie oil, one at a time,
mixing very well in between teaspoons.
Let dry completely.
Melt some of the yellow disks in the microwave.
You don't need many.
Fill a pastry bag with the yellow.
Pipe around the area where the top of the hat
 would meet the brim. Let dry.
Use your black icing to finish.
I used royal icing to finish the hat, and I wish I would
have used it for the yellow band. It would have been easier
to work with, because it is a thicker consistency.
“May your days be many and your troubles be few. 
May all God's blessings descend upon you. 
May peace be within you may your heart be strong. 
May you find what you're seeking wherever you roam.”

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Garden Party Cupcakes!

Today I am guest posting over at Everyday Mom's Meals. I brought some Garden Party Cupcakes with me because, you can't stop by to visit empty handed!
Stop by and visit Krista at Everyday Mom's Meals,
have a few cupcakes, and see all her wonderful recipes.
 Peek in on her 
Spicy Italian Beef simmering in the crock pot
~it's what I am having for dinner tonight!!

See you there!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Club Baked~ Nutella Scones!

Today marks another installment of Club Baked. I love belonging to this group! We are baking our way through the book, Baked Explorations, written by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. Club Baked is a great, no pressure group that I am sure you would love. We post twice a month, with recipes from the book. The recipes are classics, with an updated twist, so you pretty much already love them!! Join us~You'll be glad you did!

I wasn't so sure about today's recipe, Nutella Scones. I have never made scones before, but I have eaten them, and I have found them rather dry. The first couple bites of the Nutella Scones struck me as dry also, but as I ate a little more, the Nutella inside the scone, kicked in and made them a little better. I did make a few minor changes. I put in only a pinch of salt, and I didn't include the hazelnuts. To read the entire recipe, stop by and see Lorraine at PhDcupcaker. She is our hostess this round, and she has the recipe all ready for you.

All the ingredients came together quickly and easily.
This was a great way to make sure the Nutella was
distributed evenly.
 Making the ball of dough helped cut the scones into 
six pieces.
Hot from the oven!
Ready to serve!
They do look pretty!
Next time around we are making Mississippi Mud Pie!!