The Freshman Cook: Garlic Bread! What Else Could It Be?

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Today we are preparing the side dish for the Homestyle Lasagne Meal!   I thought about what else I could put with this meal as a side dish. I even had a few ideas. But really, what else would you want other than garlic bread? I mean, it’s really a necessity. You need the bread to sop up the sauce right?  This is really simple, and here is what you need:

Loaf of French Bread, cut into slices

2 tbl. minced or chopped Garlic

stick of Butter

 Melt the stick of butter and add 2 tablespoon of chopped or 

minced garlic. If you don’t think it has enough garlic

taste, add more. You can even add garlic powder if you want.

Brush your bread slices with the garlic butter.

Place the garlic bread slices under your broiler. Watch  it carefully. 

I like to put my broiler on high, put the oven rack on the second 

shelf, and keep an eye on it almost the entire time. When it 

gets the browned, toasted look that you like, it’s done.

Isn’t that pretty?!!!


I hoped you enjoy this short but savory side dish. 

Tomorrow we will make the finale, Tiramisu Mousse!

Thanks for stopping by!

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