The Freshman Cook: The Freshman Cook -Vocabulary and $$$

I am going to make a small change to my Saturday posts. Usually I talk about kitchen gadgets and if they are really necessary. Well, we will still be doing that, but we are also going to incorporate some culinary vocabulary words into the posts. We will discuss any other important things that come up during the week too. I also am going to be adding a new feature to my daily posts. Each post will contain a breakdown of the costs of each item and then the total cost of the item served. This is something I have done for many years in the restaurant business, and I kind of do it automatically with everything I cook anyway. It just became a habit. One of the things cooking blogs do sometimes is give recipes for dishes that require high end gourmet products. Now, don’t get me wrong. When I cooked in a gourmet kitchen, the best part of the job was the fact that I got to use unusual or exotic gourmet products to prepare dishes. So, so fun!! I could let my imagination run wild. So, from now on if The Freshman Cook suggests a meal or dish that requires a product that has a high cost, we will use it up within the next week or two. That is one thing you can not have in a commercial kitchen~waste! There is no reason to have it a home either. So, these are all minor changes, but I am working to make The Freshman Cook better and more user friendly. If you have something you would like to see, please email me at, or leave a comment. I read them all. Thanks for reading! The culinary word for today is SATAY! What is it? Satay is beef, or chicken, and can even be fish that is skewered on a stick and it is grilled or even broiled in your oven. Satay is usually dished up with a sauce and can be served as an appetizer, an entree, or a side dish. Sounds good doesn’t it!?

Thanks for joining me today.

Tomorrow I will post next weeks menu.

See you then!

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