The Freshman Cook: Jasmine Rice w/ Honey Orange Sauce

I love Jasmine Rice. I especially love it the way we cooked it in today’s recipe with coconut milk. It tastes rich and creamy, and then we are going to put a sauce on it that will have your mouthwatering for more. And because I want you to have more, we are going to add a stir fry with veggies, and garlic and onion~all the good stuff!!

Jasmine Rice w/ Honey Orange Sauce

1 can Coconut Milk

Jasmine Rice


Let’s make our rice first. Then we can make the sauce¬†

and stir fry while the rice is cooking. 

Pour the coconut milk into a bowl or measuring cup

like I did. The milk is solid with some juice in the can, 

and we need to mix it up before using it.

Stir the coconut milk and then put it into a pan that

you can cook the rice in. Add about 1/4 cup of water.

You will be cooking the rice in the coconut milk, not in water.

Let the rice come to a boil, and then add your rice. Cover

the pan, reduce the heat to let the rice simmer for 25 minutes.

Taste the rice at this time. If it is not soft and wonderfully 

good, then let it continue to cook until it is. If you are worried

about the pan getting dry, add some water~just a little.

This is how it looks when it is done. 

Now, while our rice is cooking, let’s put our sauce together.
 Honey Orange Sauce

3 tablespoons Honey

1/2 juiced Orange

1 teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper

1 clove Garlic~chopped

3 tablespoon Soy Sauce

Add the honey, juice from the orange, crushed red pepper,

garlic and soy to a bowl and set aside.

That was easy!! 

 Stir Fry

3 cloves ~chopped

1 slice of onion

1/4 of a Red Bell Pepper

1 Green Onion Stalk

1/4 cup Snow Peas

Start by slicing your green onions at an angle. 

Cut your onion into medium length pieces, Cut your red 

pepper into pieces to match the length and width of your

onion. Chop the garlic and add your snow peas to a bowl.

Set the bowl aside.


Put your stir fry and sauce into a frying pan and

cook on high heat, stirring about 95% of the time.  

Cook until tender. You can check the onions to be sure!

Your rice should be done by now.

Add a scoop of rice to your plate with the chicken skewers 

from your entree part of the meal.

Spoon some of the sauce from the stir fry over the rice.

Add some of the stir fry vegetables.

You are done!

Isn’t that pretty!!?

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed making this meal.

Tomorrow we will finish our meal with Happy Cookies.

I can’t wait! See you then!

Happy Cooking!

Cost of Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice         .64

Coconut Milk       1.42

Sugar                      .10

Total Cost             2.16

Cost of Honey Orange Sauce

Honey                          .22

Orange                         .26

Red Pepper                  .01

Garlic                           .04

Soy Sauce                    .18

Total Cost                     .71

Cost of Stir Fry

Garlic                          .12

Onion                           .02

  Red Bell Pepper           .05  

Green Onions               .10

Snow Peas                   .66

Total Cost                    .95

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