The Freshman Cook: Culinary Word of the Week

The culinary word of the week is trifle. We made a trifle, so we should probably know what it is!! The trifle has a long history, and it has changed a lot through time. It is basically a dessert made with cake, custard, and fruit. It is layered in a clear bowl so the beauty of the layers can be seen. They are always covered with whipped cream as a rule. A trifle has an infinite amount of various ways to be created. The sky is the limit. There is only one rule that I know of. The bottom layer must be cake. After that you can layer it with custard, or pastry cream, curd, or even chocolate. The fruit can be cut pieces, or jam or even a mix of the two. You can also add liquor to your trifle. The liquor should compliment the other ingredients. Sherry, white wine, rum, Kirsch, and Angelica are favorites, but of course, not the only ones that can be used. So, there is no particular ingredient to a trifle, but there is a general guideline. Imagine the possibilities!

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