The Freshman Cook: Culinary Word of the Week

Our culinary word of the week is CREAM. In other words, when you are making a cake, and you need to mix together the butter and the sugar. Creaming is the mixing of the sugar and a solid fat, usually butter. The butter should be room temperature. When you mix the two together, tiny air bubbles are created, which increase the amount of mix and makes it light and fluffy.It is important that this step be done correctly because these air bubbles expand and becomes the leavening agent as the cake is being baked.

Butter being mixed in bowl.

Adding sugar so they can cream together.

Ignore the egg. Thankfully it has not been mixed in yet,

so you can get a good look at the butter and 

sugar that are creamed together. You can see the 

increase in volume.

(Sorry, I had no pic without the egg!!)

This is creaming!!

We will be doing this later in the week!!

Thanks for joining me today.

Stop by tomorrow for next weeks 

menu and grocery list.

Hope to see you then!!!!

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