The Freshman Cook: Grocery Bound with a List in Hand!

I love everything mini, don’t you? It’s so cute, and tiny. This week I thought a mini menu might be just the thing to serve, just because it’s fun! Appetizer~ Red & Yellow Pepper Cilantro Relish on a Mini Cracker Soup/Salad~Green Salad in a Cup w/Pomegranate Vinaigrette Entree~Chicken Fried Chicken Slider Side Dish~Mini Rebakes Dessert~ Key Lime Mousse Shooters

 Grocery List


Yellow Pepper Red Pepper Sesame Oil Mild Red Chili Fresh Cilantro Brie Cheese


Romaine Lettuce Grape Tomatoes Red Onion Won Ton Wrappers Olive Oil Pomegranate Juice Dijon Mustard Salt & Pepper Sugar

Red Wine Vinegar

Entree Chicken Breasts Salt & Pepper Garlic Powder Plain Bread Crumbs Oil Flour Milk


Small Hawaiian Rolls Lettuce Tomato


Small Idaho Potatoes Cheddar Cheese Butter Bacon Milk


Cream Cheese Sweetened Condensed Milk Key Lime Juice Heavy Whipping Cream Key Limes Thanks for joining me for the menu and grocery list today. I will see you tomorrow when we make our appetizer~  Red & Green Pepper Cilantro Relish on a Mini Cracker. See you then! Happy 4th of July!!

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