Thursday, September 15, 2011

Club:Baked~Bananas Foster Fritters

This is my first post as a part of Club: Baked. What fun I had!! In case you are curious, Club: Baked is a group of food bloggers working their way through  the cookbook  Baked Explorations, Classic American Desserts Reinvented by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. It's a great book! Lots of wonderful recipes, and from what I can see, all of them very useable.
This assignment for today was Bananas Foster Fritters. All I can say is Yum!! This recipe was elegant and down home all at the same time. You start with a Rum Dipping Sauce that is incredible. I'm not much for using alcohol in my recipes, but this was so delicious, that I don't think it would be half as good without it.
The Banana Fritters are deep fried. I used my deep fryer, but you could use a pan with oil in it just as well.
Don't they look gorgeous? The first batch I made were too large, and the fritters were getting brown before they were done. The second batch turned out great.I just made them a little smaller!
Sprinkled with confectioners sugar, and ready to serve.

This is a recipe I will be making again.

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Club:Baked is a lot of fun. You get to test skills you might not even know you have, and you are making
delicious food to do it! Would you like to know more? Click here
You can see all the other participants recipe's also! 


  1. Wow you have a deep fryer! That is awesome. Your fritters look great I am glad you joined us!

  2. Oh wow, these sound amazing! I love bananas foster AND I love fritters. :)

  3. Welcome to the group! So far I've enjoyed every recipe we've made. Very impressive you have a deep fryer. Your fritters have great color. Mine were definitely too brown.

    You participate in Secret Recipe Club too right? I'm in group C and saw the blog who was assigned your blog in Aug. Her son made the dish if I remember correctly? Love SRC!

  4. Your fritters came out great! I had issues with them browning before they were done too. I had to take them out and the insides were mushy. Good idea to make them smaller. That probably would have worked for me.

  5. Welcome to Club Baked! I didn't get to make these this time around, but it is sounding like I need to make the caramel sauce!

  6. Welcome to the Group! I've always wanted a deep fryer. But what do you do with all that leftover oil?

  7. Thanks for baking along with me this week. Welcome to the group! I love the little banana decoration on your bowl of rum sauce - Too Cute!

  8. I agree with Tessa. That dipping sauce sounds ever so yummy.

    Welcome to the group. I am sure we are all going to bake some terrific stuff.

  9. Welcome to the group! Great job on the fritters....they look fantastic!