The Freshman Cook: Deep Fried Ice Cream

Our dessert this week is something that a lot of people don’t even know you can make~Fried Ice Cream! But, believe it or not, it’s easy and delicious! You will want to make this!

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Tempura Mix

Vanilla Ice Cream

     White Bread(1 per person)

Vegetable Oil

Take a scoop of ice cream and put it in the middle 

of a piece of bread.

Fold the bread around the scoop of cream.

Pinch the edges of the piece of bread together.

Work quickly. You may have to stretch the bread slightly.

Wrap each roll in plastic wrap and put in the freezer 

for at least 1/2 hour. They can be kept in the 

freezer for up to 2 days.

If you want to use a larger scoop of ice cream,

use two pieces of bread to cover the cream. 

Just pinch the edges together where needed.

Make the tempura mix according to directions on the box.

It just requires ice water.

Turn the fryer to 375 degrees. I used a deep fryer,

but you can use a pan with oil in it. You do not have to worry about 

enough oil to cover the ice cream balls because you

can turn them as they are cooking.

Dip the bread covered ice cream ball in the tempura. 

Completely cover it.

Drop in oil carefully.

We used a wire scoop to control the ice cream ball in the oil.

A couple forks will work great too.

Continue to make sure the ice cream is turned to 

get an even brown color.

You can use a spoon to turn the ice cream also.

When the ice cream becomes a pretty light brown

color, take it out of the oil. Let it drain for a moment

on paper towels. But quickly!

Move it to your serving plate quickly.

Sprinkle the ice cream with confectioners sugar.


Drizzle the top with caramel. You could also use

chocolate or raspberry sauce, or whatever you like.

Here is an inside view.


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