Monday, October 3, 2011

Beef and Bean Tostadas!

This appetizer is one that keeps you wanting it again. I made these a couple days ago, and several times I have wondered if I still have some leftover to make again. I have to look because my husband has been asking himself the same thing. However, he may have acted on his craving and not let me in on it! That's how powerful delicious these are! These could easily be served as a meal of course, but I love them as appetizers for a Fiesta Night, or a Football Party, or even a snack!!
Beef and Bean Tostadas
Crema(Table Cream)
Roma Tomato
!/2 pound Ground Beef
Cowboy Beans
(make it here)
1/2 Onion
Shredded Cheese

Place ground beef in frying pan to brown. As you are 
browning the meat, chop it up with your spoon or spatula.
Continuously turn the meat to get an even brown color.

Chop the onion. I started with a 1/2 onion, 
so I cut it into slices, and then chopped the slices.
 Add the chopped onion to the ground beef.
Chop the roma tomato by slicing the tomato and then
chopping the slices.
Start building the tostados. Place hamburger on the bottom,
then spoon on some crema, a mexican table cream,
add cowboy beans,

lettuce, tomatoes,

and a scoop of sour cream.
Garnish with a slice of avocado.

Thanks for joining me today!

Stop by tomorrow when we will
still be cleaning out the fridge, 
and we will be eating a salad of
 roma tomatoes, mozzarella pearls,
onion slices and a squeeze of lemon.

See you then!

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