The Freshman Cook: Disappearing Valentine Danish!

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These little danish are so cute! I filled Pillsbury Crescents with chocolate and cherries, and caramel bits, rolled ’em up, baked ’em up, and drizzled some glaze on them. I call them Disappearing Danish because they disappeared from the plate way too quickly!
Disappearing Valentine Danish Cherry Filling Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips Caramel Bits Crescents

Glaze for Danish

1/4 cup Powdered Sugar 1-2 teaspoons Water I made Cherry Danish,
Chocolate Caramel Danish,
and Chocolate Cherry Danish.
Roll up the crescent dough.
Bake for 25-30 minutes. These take longer then the plain crescents because they are stuffed with all the ingredients. While they are cooking, make your glaze. Add water until you get the correct consistency. Drizzle with the glaze.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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