The Freshman Cook: Beach Ball Cookies!

It’s Thursday already! I can’t believe how fast the weeks fly by!! Today is Cookie Journey Thursday here at The Freshman Cook, and this week I worked on making a beach ball cookie. I used a round 2″ diameter circle cookie cutter, and I copied an advertisement for a beach ball to determine color and placement of the color. It went pretty well, but I need a little practice with getting my icing ready to use. A couple times it got clogged in the tips. I made the icing last week, and I kept it covered in a plastic container with a lid, but it didn’t seem as nice as when I first mixed it.

I used Americolor Orange, Leaf Green and Super Red.

I also used Wilton Lemon Yellow, Royal Blue, and 

plain white. I did everything with a #2 tip.

I used a food marker on the round cookies, marked off the center,

and the 6 color sections. I used an ad for a beach ball

as a guide. I filled in the green center first.

I outlined and filled in the white section first.

Then I outlined and filled in the 

yellow, red, and green sections.

I finished with the orange and blue.

That’s it. It wasn’t difficult. The toughest thing was

making sure the angles for the sections on the ball 

are correct. I think my spacing needs some work, but I 

love the colors, and beach balls are fun! I think I 

will go buy a beach ball. It may be helpful to have

it in front of me to get better spacing of the sections!

Thanks for joining me this week!

I hope you are learning along with me. 

Stop by next Friday for Cookie Journey Thursday.

I have another post due on Thursday, so I have pushed 

my cookie journey to Friday. I will continue with

summer funtime posts for a few weeks!

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