Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cookie Journey Thursday

This week I have been working on some cookies for my son who is going through finals in college. I send him a lot of cookies throughout the year, especially for finals,  and I have even sent him these before. But, because I am trying to improve my cookie decorating skills. I thought I would make these again.
This cookie really gave me some problems.
I don't have a cookie cutter for the S. I wish I
did. I have looked all over, and I keep looking,
but I can't find a cookie cutter in this font.
I used this stencil and I cut out the cookie dough
with a paring knife,
and it actually worked pretty good.
The stencil was originally part of a word quote that I 
got at Michael's from the clearance bin. I bought it because
it is plastic coated, so I thought it would hold up.
It did, and it was easy to clean, so I can
use it again.
I started by outlining the S in black. I used a #2 tip here.
This was the best of the 4 cookies I did.
(Not saying a lot)!
I thought that the #2 tip was too thin, so I outlined the rest of
the cookies in #3. My outlining is terrible in some spots, and
good in others, but my overall consistency stinks!
The one on the right is way too shaky and I don't know why.
I think I need to pay more attention.
I then made a white outline to go around the black.
Then I filled the S in with the red. 
I made an N and a C for the tops of the cookies
to copy the schools logo. I originally tried to outline and then 
fill in the small cookies, but they were just too small.
I made the entire cookie white, and then piped the red on top.
I applied them to the S with frosting on the back.
They turned out good, and I was happy with them.
I plan to continue working on perfecting my outlining.
My son graduates next May, and I want to serve these cookies
at his graduation party, so I have a year to get it together!!

I hope you are decorating and practicing with me.
If you are, let me know. I would love the company!! :)

Until next week, Happy Decorating! 

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  1. I think they turned out great cookie cutter or not! The thing is he'll be about to taste the love you put into making them. I think that is the secret ingredient to every great meal or recipe!