The Freshman Cook: Cookie Journey Thursday!~Graduation Time!

A few of my sons friends are graduating from college this year, and he asked me to make them some cookies to let them know he was happy for them. I made them each a dozen cookies, 6 different designs, 2 each.

Each set of cookies went to a different friend. 

I wrapped each cookie in cello and tied it with a ribbon

that matched the school colors. 

Then I shipped the cookies in this cute box.

Isn’t that too adorable?!

The lid comes off like this, and the cookies

are inside!

I started the cookies off my making this one from 

some small number cookie cutters that I have.

I cut them out and them I placed them on the cookie

sheet next to one another. When they baked they 

formed together to look pretty good.

For the bottom two sets of cookies, I outlined the 

numbers in black with a #2 tip, which is what
I used for all these cookies, and then…

I went around the inside of the black with white. 

I got a few marks in the cookies that look like

they may have been air bubbles, but I didn’t catch them in time.
Then I filled in the numbers with red. These were for the top set of cookies.

I made 2 of these rolled diplomas for each set.

I have made these several times, but I have never been real happy

with how they turn out.

I should not have had the ribbon go over the black outline.

It just doesn’t look good. I also think the ribbon

is too wide going around the diploma.

I need to work on that.

 Each package had a star cookie with the graduates name on it.

Tilli’s cookie turned out the best.

Again, I had problems with filling in after outlining in a different color.

Each of the packages had a mortarboard with a tassel.

I like the way these turned out.

I included 2 cookies like these. 

My handwriting needs some work.

I should have printed it, so it looked like the name cookies.

The recipients of the 2nd and 3rd package are 

married and moving to Texas soon to start law school.

So I included 2 Texas cookies in each of their packages.

I thought they turned out pretty well.

I included a school logo, of some sort, in each package.

For the SUU logo, I tried to pipe the initials 

both thin and wide. I think I like the thin ones best. I used

a Wilton tip #1 for those initials.

The FAU logo has a wave going through the A. I love the clever

logo, but it was harder to copy than I thought. I think they came out ok.

Ok. That’s all my cookies for this week. 

I plan to keep practicing this week, and maybe my cookies will look

a little cleaner next week. They need that sharper edge.

I am thinking that I know how to fix the problem

with an outline in one color, and the fill color being a different color.

See you next week, and we can see if I was right.

I hope you are decorating with me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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