The Freshman Cook: Cookie Journey Thursday ~ Back To School Pencil Cookies!

Monday starts the new school year here in town! I can tell by the crowds in the stores that everyone is very busy gathering new school supplies like notebooks, and lunch boxes, and pencils. Well, you can scratch pencils off the list because we have them right here!

Back To School Pencil Cookies

 I cut these out myself, which explains why some of them are not as straight as they should be. But anyway, I outlined and filled in the main part of the pencil with Wilton Buttercup Yellow. I used a #2 tip. I outlined and filled in the eraser part of the pencil with Americolor Soft Pink and Electric Pink mixed together.    I used an Americolor Electric Green for the two lines.
Outline the lead area of the pencil with Americolor Super Black.
Fill in the lead area with the black.
Happy Back To School! What I learned: #1.  I measured and cut out each pencil. I should have made a stencil.  As I cut and moved the dough, I think it got too soft because it took me so long and I didn’t realize how crooked they became. #2.  I am not happy with my green lines. My icing was too thin  and I should have made it thicker before using it. I thought it would work, and when I saw it didn’t, I was a bit nervous about taking it off and redoing it. I was afraid it would make things worse. So, I am still taking three steps forward and one step back in trying to become a better cookie decorator. But I am still working on it. Let me know if you are working with me. It’s fun! Thanks for joining me.

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