The Freshman Cook: Pinterest Inspired Blog Carnival!

I don’t know anyone who isn’t intrigued by Pinterest, at the least and obsessed by pinterest at the most. I mean it is great fun, isn’t it? I think so, and I have joined with 7 other bloggers, to host a Pinterest inspired blog hop! Finally, a reason to turn that inspiring idea you found into the real deal. Every other Thursday, we will give you a place to post your pinterest projects for everyone to see! So grab your projects and get posting!! Here is my Pinterest Inspired Project: Candy Corn Butterfinger Pops. These adorable pops are courtesy of Vanessa and her blog Five To Nine

Candy Corn Butterfinger Pops

1 pound Candy Corn

16 ounce Creamy Peanut Butter

1 pound Yellow Candy Melts

1/2 pound Orange Candy Melts

1/4 pound White Candy Melts

32 LollipopSticks

Foam block for drying

Melt candy corn in a pan on the stove on very low heat.

The original recipe is written so that you can melt 

all the ingredients in a microwave. I thought this was a great idea!

When I went to put my candy corn in the microwave,

my microwave ran, but did not heat. It broke!

Just like that. I just popped popcorn in it yesterday. 

So….. , I am making this on the stove. 🙁

It is not as easy, but it works.

Take the melted candy corn off the heat, and 

mix in the peanut butter. Stir together, but don’t overmix.

Spread mix in a 8 x 8 pan lined with parchment

or wax paper. Use a small square piece of wax paper

and pat down the top of the candy to make it smooth.

Refrigerate or freeze so it can cool.

Remove the candy, and cut it into 2″ wide strips.

Cut each strip into triangles, with a 1″ base.

Melt the yellow candy melts according to the 

package directions. Place in a deep cup. 

Dip the stick into the candy melt, and then into the 

bottom of the candy. Allow to dry. You can place in

freezer or refrigerator to speed up the process.

Dip the entire triangle in yellow candy melt.

Place in foam block to dry

Melt the orange candy melts, and dip the pops

2/3 of the way into the melted mix.

Place back in foam block to dry.

Melt the white candy melt, and dip the tips of the candy 

into the white mix. Place back on the foam block to dry.


Happy Halloween!

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