The Freshman Cook: Bunny Bark!

It’s almost time to fill the Easter Baskets, so I’m glad I got this easy to make, Bunny Bark to you! Everyone would love getting this Bunny Bark in their Basket. It’s colorful, fun, and is a treat that everyone loves. It’s full of¬† marshmallow bunnies, pretzel bunnies, candy coated sixlets and sprinkles! You might even have most of the ingredients already in your pantry!

1 mini bag of Popcorn

24 ounces Nestle White Chocolate

Candy Melts~yellow, green, pink, blue

Kraft BunnyMallows

Bunny shaped Pretzels

springtime colored Sixlets


Pop your popcorn, and start your white chocolate chips 

melting in a double boiler. Let the popcorn cool.

Melt your candy melts in the microwave, then place in

squirt bottles if you have them. If not, you can just use a fork to 

drizzle over the chocolate.

When your white chocolate is completely melted,

spread it onto a baking sheet.

I didn’t use the entire sheet pan because I didn’t think¬†

there would be enough chocolate, but there was and I should

have spread it our more. It won’t hurt anything,¬†

I just have some pieces that are thicker than others.

Start decorating the white chocolate with the melted candy melts.

Start by placing the marshmallows, the popcorn and the pretzels

 randomly all over the white chocolate.
Add the sixlets.
Drizzle the candy melts all over again, on top of your 
bunnies, popcorn and candy.

Just make it look colorful and fun!

Let everything dry for a couple hours, or overnight.

I let it take overnight, and I didn’t cover it.

Then just take a spatula to the edges and the chocolate

will pop up and crack into pieces. If the pieces are

too large, cut them with a knife. It seems to be appreciated

by the recipient if the pieces are bite sized.~Sorry, no pics of this.

These are left over candy crumbs. These pieces broke off 

while I was cutting the chocolate. I think they would be 

so great as a topping for ice cream or maybe to sprinkle 

on a cake. What do you think?

Enjoy your Bunny Bark!

Happy Easter from The Freshman Cook!

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