The Freshman Cook: St. Paddy's Day Popcorn

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St Patrick’s Day is always a special day around our house. We indulge in Irish food, always wear something green, and some of us have been know to dance a jig or two! This year when we are dancing and celebrating, we will also be enjoying this yummy, festive St. Paddy’s Day Popcorn!

It is so easy and quick to make, you will be munching on it faster than you can say,

“Top ‘o the morning to ya”!
11 cups of popped Popcorn Shamrock Pretzels

1/2 bag of Hershey’s Mini Kisses

6 ounces Bright White Candy melts

6 ounces Green Candy Melts

6 ounces Light Green Candy Melts

Light Green and Dark Green Sixlets

Andee’s Mint Chips

I purchased the pretzels as part of a package from World Market called Poker Pretzels. I think the club pretzels look like a shamrock. The light green sixlets were part of their easter candy individually wrapped package, and the dark green are part of their regular packages. I have only been able to find the Hershey’s Mini Kisses at

Target in their baking section.

Pop your popcorn and pour the bright white candy melts

over the popcorn. Mix until all popcorn is coated.

Pour the popcorn on to a baking sheet.

Place the pretzels on top of the popcorn.

Sprinkle the chocolate kisses over the popcorn.

Squeeze the darker green candy melt over the popcorn.

Squeeze the light green over the popcorn.

Add the sixlets candy to the popcorn. Scatter it 

around, placing it on wet candy melts.

Sprinkle the mints over the popcorn.

Let popcorn dry completely

Crack the popcorn up into small pieces, and enjoy!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Thanks for joining me today!

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