The Freshman Cook: Chipotle Chicken Strips and Onion Rings

A while back I was craving what I have always called “bar food”.
But I wanted to step it up a notch and but some zing in to it. That is
how these Chipotle Chicken Strips and Onion Rings came to be!

I have always loved bar food. Sure, it’s not good for you~but, that’s probably why I like it. 🙂 I was 22 when I moved to Las Vegas and began my love affair with food served in dark corners of dark  rooms with loud music and video poker machines. And I felt right at home. These places were where I had my first real Philly Cheesesteak, my first ever Chicken Wings, and where I discovered Nachos! So bar food has a special place in my heart, and these Chipotle Chicken Strips and Onion Rings will capture your heart, or at least your craving for something fantastic!

Chipotle Chicken Strips and Onion Rings 

w/ Southwest Dipping Sauce
1/2 pound Chicken Breasts
1 Red Sweet Onion or Yellow Onion
4 ounces Tempura Batter 
1 ounce Mrs. Dash Chipotle Seasoning
3 tablespoon Mayo
3 tablespoon Chipotle Sauce~med
1 tablespoon Sour Cream

Set fryer, or pot of oil to 350 degrees 

Trim any fat off of the chicken breasts. Then fillet the chicken breasts, but cutting all the way through, giving you two smaller breasts from one. Cut both pieces in to strips that are about 1″ to    1 1/2″ wide. Set aside.
On a separate cutting board, peel and then slice the onion, and separate the slices like above.  The red onion tastes really great battered and fried. The sweetness adds a great flavor!
Make the tempura batter according to the package directions, but before you add the water, add the chipotle seasoning into the dry mix and stir together. Then add the water. I only used 1/2 of a box, so 4 ounces. Drag the onion rings and chicken through flour, then dip them into the batter, and place in the fryer.  
Put each piece in the oil individually, holding it until the last second. This gives the batter a chance to start frying and that helps them not stick to one another. Fry the chicken the same way.
Mix the mayo, chipotle sauce and sour cream together for your dipping sauce. 
 Enjoy this little taste of bar food! These fingers and rings would be great for game time or a quick lunch too!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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