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As the weather warms up a bit, I am excited and looking forward to all the outdoor fun that summer brings us! I also love the fact that spring and summer means it is time for home grown fruits. No matter if you grow them yourself or buy them at the grocery, fresh fruits are the best! I have a lot of ideas for some yummy recipes you and your family will love, so this week I am sharing them with you as a part of Lemon Week! This week you will find recipes from bloggers joining together to bring you fun and tasty lemon recipes that I know you, your family and your friends will love!

My first recipe to share with you this week is a Lemon Refrigerator Cake! If you haven’t made a refrigerator cake, I think you will find it great fun, easy to make and very tasty!¬†

Welcome to #LemonWeek 2022 hosted by Lynn from Fresh April Flours  and Rebecca from Devour Dinner.  This week is sponsored by Rodelle and La Tourangelle. I may have received product samples from these sponsors to help in the creation of my recipes. All opinions are my own. Come join me and my fellow Lemon Week bloggers as we bring you recipes from appetizers to drinks to entrées and desserts!

The first thing you do when making this cake is to decide on the cookies you want to use. The cookies will become the cake, so the cookies that you use are important. In other words, the cake can be made with pretty much any cookie as long as it has no frosting or icing on it. If you do want to use a cookie with frosting, you will have to scrape the frosting off before you make the cake. The cookies need to be able to absorb the frosting you will be covering it in. If you want to use a cookie like an Oreo, you can. You have to scrape the white cream from the center before using them. For this cake, I used Lemon Cookies. I wanted to maximize the lemon flavor. The cookies I bought had a creamy lemon slice on one end of the cookie, so I just scraped it off. It worked great!

(makes enough for 8 slices)

(printed recipe at end of recipe)

1/2 cup Granulated Sugar

1 cup Heavy Duty Whipping Cream

1/2 teaspoon Lemon Extract

1/4 teaspoon Rodelle Vanilla Extract

1-8.5 oz package Lemon Dipped Shortcake Cookies

1 Lemon

Yellow Sprinkles

Vanilla Frosting

3/4 cup Warm Water

5 tbl. Meringue Powder

1 teaspoon Cream of Tartar

2.25 lbs Powdered Sugar

    Mix the warm water, meringue powder, cream of tartar, and      powdered sugar together in a medium sized bowl until it is        creamy and smooth. Cover the bowl with a piece of plastic,        or pour the frosting into an air tight container.

I used 15 cookies for my cake. If you want your cake larger,       use more cookies. If your cookies have any kind of frosting on them, from when they were made, scrap the frosting off. This will help the frosting we are putting on the cookies to adhere.

Use a knife or a flat spatula to spread frosting onto each of the cookies. Stack them as you finish applying the frosting.

Once the frosting is on the cookies, lay them down on the plate.

Spread the entire cake with the frosting. Anytime you stop working on the cake, even for a few minutes, just slip it in the fridge until you can come back to it. That way there is no danger of the frosting melting!
Crush some of the cookies you didn’t use, and sprinkle them over the cake and on the plate. Use a zester to remove some of the outer skin of the lemon, and sprinkle it onto the cake.
Finish the dessert by cutting three thin slices of lemon. Cut the edge of each lemon so the lemon can be twisted like in the picture, Place the lemons on top of the cake. Garnish the top of the cake with yellow sprinkles and serve!

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed this Lemon Refrigerator Cake recipe.

     Please let me know if you have any questions


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