Saturday, May 14, 2011

Do I Really Need A Thermometer?

Today's gadget in question is the thermometer. Do you need a thermometer when you are cooking? Of course you do. You need them to bake meats, cook syrups, fudge, and lots of candies. But what kind of thermometer do you need? Here is the thermometer I have.

I love this thing!!
I can use it for temping meat in the oven, and cooking 
candies on the stove.The two best features of the
thermometer are the timer and the beeper for the temperature. 
When I make brittle, for example, the syrup has to boil to a 
certain degree and it takes about 20 minutes. I simply set
the timer and the beeper for the temp,
and I know that if I get distracted, like I often do,
the beeper will keep me on my toes. 

This thermometer is also digital. 
This is a must for the perfectionist in me.  I have been know 
to agonize over the little red marks on my old thermometer,
trying to gauge the exact temp,matched up with the exact line, 
to get the perfect temperature I am seeking.

So, I am concluding that although all thermometers will help you
in recognizing the correct temperature for your food, this thermometer
will help you be a better cook.

Thanks for listening. I will see you tomorrow to
discuss next weeks menu and the grocery list.

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