Monday, May 18, 2015

Red, White & Blue Pretzel Treats

How do you celebrate Memorial Day? We celebrate with swimming, family, friends and food. Lots and lots of food!  One of the treats on our menu this year ~ these Red, White and Blue Pretzel Treats! They are fun to put together, easy to make, and you might just have everything you need already in your pantry! Ready? Let's get started!

Red, White and Blue Pretzel Treats

Red, White & Blue Pretzel Treats


  (printable recipe)
small Star Cookie Cutter or stencil
Parchment Paper
1 bag White Candy Melts
1 bag Royal Blue Candy Melts
 Vegetable Oil
1 bag Red Candy Melts
1 bag twist pretzels
Patriotic Non-Pareills
making a stencil

Use the star cookie cutter to trace the star design onto
a strip of parchment paper, like above.
Trace the stars with a pen first, then go over the pen 
marks with a marker. The marker will leave marks on
 your cookie cutter, the pen won't.
making a stencil
Take the strip of paper and place it 
under your piece of parchment.
making white edible stars
Melt your white candy melts. You may need to
add about a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the melted melts.
This will make the melts a little thinner. Place the candy melt in a 
pastry bag. Using a Wilton #2 tip, trace around the outline 
of the star design onto the parchment with the melted candy melt.
Fill in the star.
making stars with non pareills

Leave some of the stars white if you want. 
Decorate some of the stars with the non-pareills while the
stars are still wet.
stars made from candy melts
Do this until you have enough stars. 
You will need one star for every pretzel, plus a few
extra if one breaks.
Let these dry a few hours or overnight.
dipping pretzels
Melt your red candy melt. Use a bowl that is narrow
and not wide. Use the entire bag of melts. 
When the candy is melted, it might be too thick. 
You will know because you want the melts to drop
off the edge of a spoon easily, but not too quickly.
 If so, add about 1/2 -1 teaspoon of 
vegetable oil and stir it in to the melts. Mix until it is 
thoroughly incorporated. Dip one half of the pretzel
into the red melt. Lay on wax or parchment paper
so it can dry. They will need a few hours or overnight.
patriotic pretzels
Melt your blue candy melts just like you did the red.
Once the red melt on the pretzel is completely dry,
dip the other half in the blue. Let dry.
You can see that I also added some dipping stick pretzels
just for fun!
decorating pretzels
Remember the white candy melt you used for the stars?
Melt some of that again and place it in a pastry bag
with the same #2 tip. Drizzle white lines over the dried pretzels.
Let those dry.
decorating pretzels
Once the pretzels are dry and the stars are dry, dab a little 
dot of white icing on the pretzel to hold the star.
decorated pretzel
Top off the pretzel with a star. Let dry.
Red, White, and Blue pretzels
Do this to all of your pretzels.
Red white and blue treats

Red, White and Blue treats
Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you for joining me today!
Have a great weekend!


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