The Freshman Cook: It's S'Mores Season!!

S’Mores are popping up every where! Have you noticed? I see them, beautiful and glossy on the cover of magazines while I am in line at the checkout. I saw them today at Sam’s being given freely to whoever would take one! It’s madness! Because who can resist their rich chocolatey goodness, their plump marshmallow, so soft and sweet, and the crisp crunch of the graham cracker struggling to hold it all together? The answer~NOT ME! And that is the problem!!! Ever since my girl scout days I have sucumbed freely to the addiction of the S’mores. I can’t help myself. I love them! So, what to do? I have decided to keep eating them until I get tired of them! HA! Like that will ever happen!(But it was a good plan) I have decided it is a weakness I will have to deal with. So today I dealt with my problem by making S’Mores Bars for our dessert this week! (Ididn’t say I was good at dealing with this) I know you will enjoy these and they are easy to make.

3/4 cup Sugar

3/4 cup packed Brown Sugar

2 Eggs

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

2 1/4 cups all purpose Flour

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

Pinch Salt

2 cups Miniature Marshmallow

1 1/2 cups Milk Chocolate Chips


6 planks Graham Crackers(6 long rectangles),coarsley crumbled

4 tablespoon Butter, melted

1/2 cup Miniature Marshmallow

1/2 cup Milk Chocolate Chips

Combine both sugars and the shortening in your mixing bowl.

Mix well.

Add your eggs, one at a time.

Beat well after each egg addition.

Add your vanilla, and beat well.

Combine flour, baking soda, and salt.

Add flour mix to creamy mix.

  Add it a couple of spoonfuls at a time.

Mix it in.

Mix in the marshmallows and the chocolate chips.

Spread into a 13″X9″ baking pan.

Smooth the mix into the pan. I used the back of 

a spatula to pat it down.

Place the graham crackers in a zip lock plastic bag.

Take a rolling pin over the crackers in the bag, 

so they become coarse crumbs.

Put the crumbs in a bowl, and add your butter.

Mix together. It works best if you mix using gloved hands.

Sprinkle the graham cracker mix over the cookie dough.

Sprinkle the chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Bake for 30 minutes until golden brown.

Cool on a wire rack.

Cut into bars.

They are easier to cut if they are chilled.

Enjoy your addicting S’Mores!

I know I will!!

Thanks for joining me today.

I hope you liked everything on the menu this week.

Remember, if you ever have any questions about, or problems with,

any of my recipes, please send me an email. I will be glad to help!

Tomorrow we will be making a decision about another kitchen

gadget. A great recipe will follow. A recipe that can be

served for dessert, an appetizer, or even as a salad.

What is it?

Check us out tomorrow!!

See you then

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