The Freshman Cook: This Weeks Side Dish – Garlic Knots

These garlic knots are good. They are also simple to make. I started with Rhodes frozen bread loaves, and within no time at all, I had garlic knots! You will love these. The amount of garlic you put on them is up to you. I only used a little, and I brushed it on, but if you want more, you can dip the finished knots into a saucepan of butter and garlic. They are good, no matter how you do it!

Garlic Knots

Rhodes White Bread Loaves


Garlic Powder Pan Spray

Plastic Wrap

Start with one loaf.

Spray a piece of plastic wrap with pan spray.

Place the bread on a plate, cover with the plastic wrap,

and let it sit for about an hour to defrost. Once it is softer, cut the bread loaf in half, and then each half in half~you end up with 4 pieces. From each of the 4 pieces, cut 5 slices. I’m sorry for no pics of this, but you know what I mean. You will end up with 20 pieces, which will become 20 rolls. Start rolling your roll into a thin rope.
Roll until the rope is 9″ long. Try to make it as close to the same diameter the entire length. Now, let’s form the knot. Fold like above…. Cross over….
Then through the loop! There’s your knot! Place the knots on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Spray plastic wrap like we did earlier, then cover the knots and place it someplace warm to let them rise. It may take about 3 hours. The sprayed wrap will ensure that the plastic won’t stick to the dough. When the rolls have risen, set your oven at 350 degrees, and melt about 6 oz. of butter in the microwave. Add 2 teaspoons of garlic powder. You could use garlic salt, about 1 teaspoon. Mix the butter and garlic powder together, then brush on the knots. Brush softly, because you don’t want to damage the dough, or make it fall. Bake in the oven for about 8 minutes. Brush with butter and garlic powder again, if you want. Serve and enjoy!
Serve with our Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo! Thanks for joining me today! Tomorrow we will be baking a Key Lime Cheesecake! I hope you stop by!!

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