The Freshman Cook: Oven Roasted Chicken

This weeks entree is Oven Roasted Chicken. This is a main course item that every new cook should learn to cook.  It’s simple and delicious. There are lots of variations you can do to make this recipe slightly different. We could have stuffed the chicken or we could have roasted it with different herbs. But we will start with the basics. A good thing about roasting your own chicken is that it is inexpensive. This chicken cost $5.00. I have gotten close to 6 individual meals out of the one chicken, plus the bones for chicken stock. Tasty and a deal!

 Roasted Chicken

Whole Chicken


Garlic Powder


Because I still don’t have my roasting rack out

of storage, I had to improvise a little.

I used a metal rack from the deep fryer, took the handle off,

sprayed it with pan spray and set it in a roasting pan.

I washed out the chicken with water.

There were no giblets in the chicken.

I sprinkled it with garlic powder and pepper.

I added a stick of butter.

I put the chicken in the oven at 350 degrees. I inserted 

a thermometer in the space behind the top of the thigh.

You need the temperature to get to 180 degrees.

I basted the chicken every 1/2 hour during the

roasting time.

It should take about 2 hours for the chicken to

get to temperature. When it does, remove the chicken

from the oven, and let the chicken rest for about 

15 minutes.

Place chicken on plate for serving.


Thank you for joining The Freshman Cook today!

Please come back tomorrow when we will be baking

Au Gratin Potatoes!

They are delicious!

See you then!

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