The Freshman Cook: Cookie Journey Thursday!

Welcome to my first Cookie Journey Thursday! Join me every Thursday as I attempt to improve my cookie decorating skills, which are seriously lacking!!. Today I attempted to put silver luster dust on these cookies that are cut out to look like a Hershey’s chocolate kiss. I have used the luster dust in the past, for New Years Eve cookies. When I made the NYE cookies I used the luster dust as an accent. Maybe that is what it should be used for. Today I used the luster dust as the main color and I wasn’t happy with the results.

The colors were streaky and not very dark,

even after a couple of coats.

This is the luster dust I used, along with a little water.

I started with the cookies, which had been frosted 

 with white Royal Frosting.

Using a small paint brush, I dipped the brush 

in a little water, and then….

barely dipped the brush in the luster dust.

I then brushed the dust on top of the icing.

This is not what I was looking for at all!!!

I am going to keep working on this during the week,

and hopefully by next Thursday I will have some sort

of way to go with this. Maybe I should have used a

different base color for the cookies. I will definitely be

investigating! If you have any answers or suggestions,

please let me know!!I really want to learn how to do this!!

Thanks for joining me today!

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