The Freshman Cook: Cookie Journey~Outline and Fill

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Today I thought I would start my cookie journey by outlining a few cookies, and then filling them in. I baked my cookies using heart cookie cutters, and I made pink icing. They did not turn out like I wanted them to. I will say that I did all this late in the evening, and I was tired. Tomorrow I am going to try to decorate in the morning. I am just more alert in the morning!

I started with a bowl of the icing that I made yesterday.

I added a little water to make it a better consistency.

I drew a knife through the icing, and counted to 10

to see if it would be 10 seconds until the line disappeared.

It was, so the icing was a good consistency.

This is called 10 Second Icing!

I used an AmeriColor brand Soft Pink. I love this

brand because the color is dropped in by squeezing the

bottle. It is so easy to control.

I put in five drops and mixed.

I filled my bag about 1/3 full with the pink icing.

I outlined the heart cookie. I think I should have outlined 

by leaving a little bit of an edge,

 so the icing is not on the very edge of the cookie.

I filled in by continuing to go around the design until the 

heart was covered, then I moved the cookie back and forth

until all the spots were filled.

Then I did the same thing to several small cookies also.

They are ok. But just ok.

I wouldn’t want to give them to anyone!

So therefore, they are not good!

But practice makes perfect, and I will continue to

make some more heart cookies.

For more information of how to decorate this way,

 go to Sweetopia’s YouTube page. She has a 

wonderful tutorial on what I did today, except 

hers look so, so great!

Click here to see how she does it!

See you tomorrow when we will do some

 add ons to the basic decorated cookie

that we did today!

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Thanks for joining me today!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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