Thursday, March 1, 2012

Club Baked~ Nutella Scones!

Today marks another installment of Club Baked. I love belonging to this group! We are baking our way through the book, Baked Explorations, written by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. Club Baked is a great, no pressure group that I am sure you would love. We post twice a month, with recipes from the book. The recipes are classics, with an updated twist, so you pretty much already love them!! Join us~You'll be glad you did!

I wasn't so sure about today's recipe, Nutella Scones. I have never made scones before, but I have eaten them, and I have found them rather dry. The first couple bites of the Nutella Scones struck me as dry also, but as I ate a little more, the Nutella inside the scone, kicked in and made them a little better. I did make a few minor changes. I put in only a pinch of salt, and I didn't include the hazelnuts. To read the entire recipe, stop by and see Lorraine at PhDcupcaker. She is our hostess this round, and she has the recipe all ready for you.

All the ingredients came together quickly and easily.
This was a great way to make sure the Nutella was
distributed evenly.
 Making the ball of dough helped cut the scones into 
six pieces.
Hot from the oven!
Ready to serve!
They do look pretty!
Next time around we are making Mississippi Mud Pie!!


  1. Hi Teri. This was my first time making scones too. I didn't have issues with them being dry, instead my dough was uber sticky! Nutella is makes everything better. I'm looking forward to trying more scone recipes. Nice job on your scones!

  2. Your scones came out great Teri! I skipped the hazelnuts as well. This was my first try at scones and I thought they were going to be really tricky, but they weren't too bad. I would have liked these a little sweeter, but other than that I thought they were good! Thanks for baking along!

  3. Scones are easy to make, but I do think these were a bit dry. I'm thinking the solution is MORE NUTELLA! :)

  4. I drank several huge glasses of milk with mine!

  5. Your scones look good. Im not a scone person but mine werent that dry.