The Freshman Cook: Cookie Journey Thursday~St. Pat's Day!!

Here I am late again for Cookie Journey Thursday. Believe it or not, I am not the person that always “is running behind”! I am usually the person that is on time or early, but too much on my plate right now is making me crazy and late! So let’s talk cookies!!

St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

I love these cookies I made! The shamrocks turned out great,

the pots of gold turned out pretty good, and the rainbows, well,

not so good. Let’s start with the shamrock!  🙂

This was the easiest cookie to decorate. I used the 

cookie and frosting recipe we used in previous posts.

I outlined the cookie in leaf green,using a Wilton #2 tip,

and then filled it in, using the Wilton #2 tip.

Super Easy!

Now lets make the pot of gold!
I outlined the pot in black,using Wilton #2 tip,
and then filled it in with the black, using the same tip.
I let it dry completely, then, using leaf green and a Wilton tip #5, I piped a green rim onto the top of the pot. Using a Wilton tip #2, I piped small circles on the top of the pot to look as if coins were falling from the pot. I had to pipe the circles, and then wait for some to dry, and then stack more on top. I poured a little gold pearl dust onto some wax paper, dabbed a tiny bit of water onto a brush, and then dabbed the brush into the gold dust. Lightly brush the gold dust onto the circles.
I think the gold added a needed shimmer to the look, but the coins were not what I was looking for. I think they should have been flatter and a bit bigger. Let’s make the rainbows! I outlined the clouds on the rainbows with white frosting and a Wilton #2 tip. I filled in both clouds with the same color and tip.
As soon as I filled in each cloud, I sprinkled white sparkly glitter on each one. There are six different colors on this rainbow, so I marked a line with edible marker, where to start and finish the arch of color. I started with the purple, using Wilton Violet and a Wilton #5 tip. This is the second set of rainbow cookies I attempted. When I made the first set, I used the Wilton tip #2, but they looked worse than these!! The #5 tip covers much better, and presents a cleaner look, except for a few problems which, we will get to soon. Next, I added the light blue color, Americolor, Electric Blue.
then the green, Americolor Leaf Green,
then the yellow, Wilton Lemon Yellow, orange, Wilton Orange and the red, Americolor Super Red. Here is what I need to work on. I am upset at the way I did not follow the design of the rainbow.  There should not have been cookie showing. I should have figured out how to do that. I need to work on this. Like in this picture. The top of the rainbow was ignored. Also the start and finish of the arch. It just looks amateurish. Of course, I am an amateur, but that is beside the point, don’t you think?  My final problem with the rainbow is the frosting. The consistency is not correct for all the colors, and it looks like my hand was shaking when I applied the frosting. I will be working on all this! Well, I think things may be getting a little better with my decorating, but I really need to practice.  I am making some “new baby” cookies for a family friend, so you can let me know  what you think on Thursday!

Meanwhile check out this wonderful blog!

I am a subscriber to Lila Loa, and this is one of her blog posts from last week. It’s all about icing consistency, and I think you will find it interesting and full of valuable information!! I did!! Thanks for joining me!! PS~I wrapped all the cookies up and sent them to my son and his roommates!!I love the taste of these cookies, so I have to give them away immediately, or we all know what happens!! This post is linked to the following fun parties!:

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