The Freshman Cook: A Red, White, and Blue Cookie Journey

This weeks Cookie Journey is part of The Freshman Cooks 15 Days of Red, White and Blue!

  The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and we always celebrate with cookies!

Lets start with a cutout #4. 

Outline and fill in a space at the top of the 4.

I used Americolor Royal Blue.

Then make a stripe, wider than a #2 piping, across the 4.

Let dry.

Make a thin line with Americolor Holiday Red.

I used a #2 tip.

Continue down the number until you reach the 

bottom of the triangle cutout in the middle of the 4.

Outline and fill in the blue across the widest part of the 4.

Go back to striping on the section below the field of blue.

Go to the top section of blue and make small white dots.

Allow the bottom blue section to dry, and then make the same 

small white dots there.

On another cookie, outline the cookie in the blue,

and fill in with the red.

When totally dry, outline again over the previous outline.

Add what is supposed to be fireworks.

I definitely need to work on these!! 

For this cookie, I outlined and filled in the entire cookie with

the royal blue, and then placed dots all over the cookie in 

holiday red and white!

I made this cookie just like the second one. Kind of.

I outlined the cookie in the holiday red. I filled it in 

with royal blue. I waited for everything to totally dry.

Then I outlined over the original

 outline with more red. I sprinkled the nonpareils

on the outline while it was wet.

I think most of it looks alright, but the right side of 

the bottom is lacking in sprinkles.

I need to be a little quicker!!

So, there are the 4th of July cookies for this week.

As I proceed through the 15 Days of 4th of July, we will be making lots of fun

holiday treats, and I hope you stop by!

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