The Freshman Cook: Ice Cream Cone Sugar Cookies!

It is Cookie Journey Thursday, and today we are making cookies in the shape of an ice cream cone, with a scoop on top, of course! Let’s get started!!

I used a Wilton tip #2 for the entire cookie.

Americolor Brown for the cone.

Americolor Light Pink for the ice cream.

Outline the ice cream cone.

Fill it in.

Make diagonal lines from one side of the cone to the other.

Then go back and make them the other way.

Kind of a criss cross pattern.

Outline the ice cream cone on top of the filled in icing.

It should be the same height as the criss cross on the cones.

Outline the pink ice cream.

Fill in the pink.

I made the pink icing a little thicker for the top outline.

Outline on top of the filled in icing just as we did on the cone.

The next time I make these ice cream cone cookies,

 I think I will use a tip bigger than a #2 for the top outline 

on the ice cream. Perhaps a #3 or 4. I just think it would look 

more pronounced with a thicker line.

Thanks for joining me today!

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