The Freshman Cook: Birthday Cake Cookies!

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Today is Cookie Journey Thursday! This week we are learning how to make a birthday cake cookie! This cookie is a lot of fun and the colors are bright and happy like a birthday cake cookie should be!

Birthday Cake Cookie

  • White Frosting
  • Americolor Orange
  • Americolor Regal Purple
  • Americolor Electric Green
  • Americolor Super Black
  • Wilton Buttercup Yellow
  • Wilton Tips # 1, 2 and 5
  • Wilton Birthday Cake Cookie Cutter

 Outline the cookie with Wilton Tip #5. I switched to outlining with a 

tip 5, instead of my usual tip #2, because on this cookie

 we have a large area to fill in and it will be easier and quicker.

As you can see, using the # 5 tip gives us a more

even fill in of the area. Does that make any sense? 

What I am trying to say is that the filled in area has no 

sections that started to dry while we were still filling in.

Let this dry completely.

 Using a #2 tip, outline a scalloped edge for the bottom layer.

You could also make it a straight edge if you want.

Fill in the orange edge.

Outline the purple so it looks like a scalloped edge 

on the side of a cake. You could also have a straight line

 if you want.You should still be using the #2 tip.

Fill in the purple. 

Using the green and a #2 tip, pipe 5 little candles 

across the top of the cake.

Using a #1 tip and black frosting, make a tiny candle wick

 on the top of each candle.

Using the green frosting, squeeze little dots on the orange 

and purple cake edge. 

On the orange edge, add some purple dots

 in between the green ones.

On the purple edge, add some orange dots

 in between the green ones.

Using a #2 tip and your yellow frosting, pipe a little

flame on to the top of each wick. To do this, squeeze your bag

close to the top of the wick, and as you squeeze, slowly

lift your hand upward, creating a tip on the flame.

If the flame isn’t as pointy as you would like, take a¬†

toothpick, and gently pull just a little icing into a point!

That’s how you make a birthday cake cookie!

These would look so great if you slipped the cookie

into a little clear bag and tied orange, purple, and green

curly ribbon around it. So festive!

Thanks for joining me today!

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