The Freshman Cook: Heartland Turtle Bars

Heartland Turtle Bars are on the menu today! These bars come courtesy of Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito and their fabulous dessert cookbook, Baked Explorations. They are part of a twice a month posting I participate in as a member of Club Baked. 

Heartland Turtle Bars

Our host this month is Julie from A Little Bit of Everything.

Drop by her wonderfully creative blog to find the

recipe for these delicious bars!

I buttered, 

and rubbed in,

combined well,

made a well,

and filled it with butter.

Then I mixed,

and spread,


and sprinkled.

After that I melted,

and boiled,



crumbled and refrigerated.


You are going to love this recipe. 

It is a little on the sweet side, and if I make this again,

and I will; I will substitute raisins for the chocolate chips.

It will be like a caramel oatmeal cookie! Yum Yum!!

Thanks for joining me!

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