Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mini Apple Pies!

I love anything apple, so I was excited to see that apple pie was the challenge part of this months Crazy Cooking Challenge I made Mini Apple Pies and they are so cute!
(I think if it's cute, there are no calories!) These are great to make for parties and get togethers.
Mini Apple Pies
(makes 7)
  • 3 medium Granny Smith Apples
  • 1/4 cup Sugar
  • 3 teaspoons Flour
  • splash Lemon Juice
  • 1 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
  • 2 cups Flour
  • 2/3 cup Shortening
  • 2 teaspoon Sugar
  • 2 tablespoon Water
Begin with making your crust. I used a food processor,
but you can also use a fork to mix everything together.
Add all the ingredients, except for the water. Add the water
a tablespoon at a time as needed to obtain a smooth dough.
Roll your dough out on a floured surface.
Roll to approx. 1/4" thick.
Use whatever you have that is about 2 1/2" in diameter.
Cut out the pie bottom pieces. You will need seven.
Place your circle of dough into a muffin tin that has been
sprayed with pan spray. 
Adjust your dough to fit the tin bottom and come
up the sides.
Use a 2" diameter cutter or a pattern to cut 7 tops
for your pie. Set aside while you make your filling.
Peel your 3 apples, and cut away the core.
Slice your apples.
Place your apples in a bowl. Add the sugar, flour, 
lemon juice and cinnamon. Mix well.
This is where I realized that I should have chopped the 
apples. The slices are too big to fit in the shells.
So I went back and sliced the apples in to chunks.
Fill each pie shell with your apple filling mix.
Cover the top of each pie.
Vent each pie by putting a few knife holes in the top
of each one. Melt your butter, and spread some over
each pie. Sprinkle each one with sugar.
Fill any empty muffin cavities with water.
This will help with even baking.
Bake for 15-20 minutes.
Let sit for 5 minutes, then cool on a baking rack,
or enjoy warm from the oven.
Thanks for joining me!

We are showing off our stuff at these parties:
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Let's see what everyone else made:


  1. I just love your coment that cute things don't contains any colories :)

  2. Oh these are just too adorable! And tasty too! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Have a blessed week & come back soon ~EMM

  3. These are adorable! No calories means I can eat them all, right? :) Great CCC recipe! I'm #17 :)

  4. How cute!! Sounds really good!

  5. Those are so darling! I need to try these!

  6. Mmmmm....I love mini desserts as much as I love apple pie!!! So yummy, Teri!

  7. Hi Terri, You are a girl after my own heart. I love making mini servings and when it's dessert it's almost perfect for keeping calories in check.

    Great job on the crust!

  8. I love the minis and your idea that mini=no calories! They are seriously cute. Perfect for CCC.

  9. Those are such cute little pies! And thanks for the tip about the water! Jen #16

  10. What a perfect little treat. I must make these, soon.
    Thanks for sharing.