The Freshman Cook: Chocolate Heart Lollipops!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I thought I would show you one of the little last minute gifts I made. I think it incorporates all of the Valentine’s Day necessities~heart shaped, chocolate, sweet, and cute!

 Chocolate Valentine Lollipops

Good Quality Chocolate

Lollipop Sticks(1 for each sucker)

White Almond Bark

Heart Shaped Lollipop Mold

This is the lollipop mold I used.

I think I bought it at Michael’s for about $2.

Melt your chocolate in a double boiler, and then

spoon it into the mold. It is not necessary to spray

your mold before putting the chocolate in.

 They will come out easily. After you have filled the 

heart, give the entire mold a tiny shake. Not a lot. Just

a little, and the chocolate will become smooth.

 Set the mold in the freezer for a few minutes.

 It will become solid  quickly.

Pop the chocolate lollipop out of the mold.

 Melt the almond bark according to directions.

Color a little of the white with pink color, 

and a little of it with red. Place the pink color in a pasty bag, 

and using a #2 tip, place a design on your chocolate lollipop.

Once the pink is dry, place the red in the same bag,

and pipe your design. Let dry.

Your lollipop is done!

There you have it!

Super simple and so sweet!

Thanks for joining The Freshman Cook today!

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