The Freshman Cook: S'mores Popcorn!

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Today is the Improv Cooking Challenge reveal day! This month’s two ingredients~fish and chips! Being a non fish lover, I decided to put a little fun twist on the traditional, and go with graham cracker fish and melted chocolate chips! What I came up with is a S’mores Popcorn, perfect for summer celebrations and campfires!

S’mores Popcorn

1 bag popped Popcorn

16.5 ounces Milk Chocolate Chips

1 cup Graham Cracker Goldfish

1 cup mini Marshmallows

Pop your popcorn…..

and spread your popcorn in a single layer on a baking sheet.

Melt your chocolate chips in a double boiler, 

or in the microwave.

Drizzle your chocolate over the popcorn.

Place your graham cracker fish on top of the chocolate 

drizzle throughout the baking sheet.

I got my graham cracker gold fish by buying a bag of

S’mores goldfish and picking out the graham cracker fish to use.

Then drizzle more chocolate over the popcorn

 and graham cracker fish in the opposite direction 

that you drizzled the first time.

Add mini marshmallows on top of the drizzled chocolate,

just as you did the graham cracker fish.

Drizzle more chocolate over the mini marshmallows,

drizzling every which way, making sure there is plenty

of drizzled chocolate over all of the popcorn.

Let the chocolate set up and dry.

Enjoy your S’mores Popcorn!

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