The Freshman Cook: Biscoff and Toffee Popcorn

Do you like Biscoff? I just love it! I keep waiting for the time I am grocery shopping, and I don’t buy 2 jars! I think it is clearly on it’s way to being an obsession for me. So I guess I will have to feed this craziness until it stops. It’s the only thing I can do!  🙂 I am also loving toffee and popcorn right now, so I thought I would put them all together, and make the ultimate treat! So, yum!

Biscoff and Toffee Popcorn

2 bags of popped microwave Popcorn

1 cup of Biscoff Spread

1/2 cup of Heath English Toffee Bits

Melt the Biscoff in a double boiler…

 until it is smooth.

Pop your popcorn, 1 bag at a time.

It is easier to control when you are mixing the popcorn.


Pour the melted biscoff over the popcorn,

 Mix the biscoff and 1 bag of popcorn together.

After the first bag is mixed together, add the other bag in.   

 Add the toffee bits and mix in.

 Spread the popcorn into a large pan, spread it out so it can dry.

After it is dry, munch out and enjoy! 

Thanks for joining me today!

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