The Freshman Cook: Chrysanthemum Cake Pops

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These cake pops remind me of chrysanthemums, kind of. Only the pops are not as pretty. But they are edible and yummy, so it works! These pops are chocolate, mixed with some chopped smoked nuts, for added flavor, and vanilla frosting. Dip them in chocolate and add the popcorn!

Chrysanthemum Cake Pops


1 Chocolate Cake, baked

White Frosting

1/4 cup Smoked Peanuts

Chocolate Bar

Heavy Whipping Cream


Place your cake in a plastic bag, and add some frosting.

You can mix this in a bowl also. This is just how I did it.

Start mixing the frosting into the cake, so it becomes one.

Add frosting as you need it. Check the consistency until it

can be rolled into a ball.

Chop up your nuts and add them to the bag.

Roll the mix into whatever size balls you want.

Place in freezer.

Melt your chocolate for dipping in a double boiler.

I used Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Milk Chocolate Bar.

It is Belgium chocolate and very good.

Add some heavy whipping cream to thin the chocolate.

The thinner chocolate is easier to dip, and adheres evenly.

Have your popcorn ready to go.

Cover the pop with pieces of popcorn. 

They would look great if you drizzled chocolate,

or colored candy melts over the popcorn.

Just a minute too late thought!!

There you go. 

Chrysanthemum Cake Pops!

Thanks for joining me today!

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