The Freshman Cook: Chicken Satay

Our entree today is chicken satay. (Yes, I know it rhymes, no I didn’t do it on purpose) Anywaaaay, these are easy and delicious chicken on a stick, basically. This chicken can be grilled, and it is great that way, but I put these under the broiler instead. They turned out tasty and moist.

The first thing you need are these.

 Then your chicken.

Cut your chicken down through the middle to create

strips like above.

Thread the chicken onto the skewer. You need to put 

the bottom of the strip of chicken onto the skewer, 

then continue to thread the chicken onto the skewer.

If your chicken is a small piece, use two.

Here are the four skewers. Sprinkle each one with

garlic salt, and pepper.

Spray the baking sheet with pan spray before you put the 

chicken on it. Broil on high and turn when the top is

cooked, and cook the other side.

Here are your chicken skewers!

Thanks for joining me today. Tomorrow we will be

making the side dish for the chicken satay, 

which will make it look a lot prettier!

Chicken Satay Cost:

1/2 pound Chicken-           1.00

Garlic Salt-                           .05

Pepper-                                .01

Skewers-                              .40

Total Cost- (4 skewers)       1.46

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