Thursday, October 23, 2014

Haunted Graveyard Bites!

I love Halloween treats! Don't you? They are fun to make and share with friends, and they are so unique to the holiday! That is what these Haunted Graveyard Bites are all about! I loved creating them and they most definitely scream "Halloween"!


  Mini Milano Cookies (any flavor)-1 cookie for 2 Bites
Square Pretzels (called Snaps)-1 for each Bite
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
Crushed Oreo Crumbs
Bloody Bones Candy-1 bone for 2 Bites

Each graveyard takes a half cookie.
Cut the cookie in half by using a serrated knife and 
sawing it slowly, so it does not break.
Cut the bones in half with your serrated knife.
You need one half bone for each tombstone.
Pipe out RIP on each half, using the brown 
buttercream frosting. Let them dry.
After they are dry, pipe the edges of each pretzel as shown.
Make sure to go across the three holes, and not the four.
Immediately attach the cookies to the icing.
Let dry.
Use the brown icing to go around all the flat areas of the pretzel.
While the frosting is wet, attach the half bone,
at an angle, somewhere on the base.
Spoon the crushed Oreo crumbs over the frosting and the bone.
Let dry.
Shake off any excess crumbs.
If something did not get covered the way you 
want it to, it is easy to fix. Use your brown icing
to add more Oreo crumbs, by squiggling some
icing on the crumbs all ready attached and then sprinkle 
with more and let dry.
If you want the bone covered more,  
dab a bit of icing on it and sprinkle with the crumbs.
Let dry.
You get the idea.
I have several more Halloween treats coming your way
over the next week. I hope you will stop back to check them out!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable! You had me at pretzels and oreos.

    Megan@The Blog Guide

  2. Looks yummy! Thanks for linking up to Savoring Saturdays! Stumbled!