The Freshman Cook: Celebrate It! Blog Party #17

Welcome to Celebrate It!

I hope you had a wonderful week, and I am excited to see 

 how you have been celebrating your wonderful life!

So please link up below! We want to share with you!

I am always asking you to share with me how you are celebrating,

 so I thought I might share with you this week.

Almost a year ago, we moved into a beautiful house that was built in

1997.  I love this house and it’s classic design, but it is outdated

in some areas. All spring and summer we worked on the yard  and the

 lawn and the outside of the house. We were waiting for fall to start on the

 inside. So this week we started stripping wallpaper, and painting the kitchen.

This kitchen is a big project and it will probably take us over the winter. 

We won’t be busy with it everyday of course. The appliances are 

outdated, the floor needs to be replaced, the cabinets can maybe, be saved, 

but you get the idea. Lots of work and time and fun. I love doing it! 

 So here is a before picture. This window looks out over the 

back deck, and there is a door to the right.

You can’t really tell from this pic, but the wallpaper

is on the top and bottom of the molding.

This is how it is looking right now.

The color really gives it a deep, rich tone,

and completely changes the room, and we are not

even done painting yet! It’s amazing!

So that is what I am celebrating.

Now it’s your turn!

Share what you are writing about, photographing, baking,

cooking, planning, DIYing, remodeling, building or thinking!

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