The Freshman Cook: Yummy Mummy/#PopcornBoxParty2015/Giveaway!

Welcome to the Yummy Mummy/#Popcorn Box Party 2015 and Giveaway!  Today I am joining with a bunch of bloggers, and Laura from Laura Kelly Designs for some Halloween fun! We each designed and made a popcorn box for Halloween. The box can be scary, cute, sweet, comical, horrifying, or  any way you want to design it. They can be party centerpieces, trick or treat candy holders, holiday decorations, whatever you want it to be, or like mine, it can hold Halloween Popcorn! Yummy Mummy Popcorn Box w/I See You Popcorn!

1 bag Popcorn

1/8 cup White Royal Icing
1/8 cup Black Royal Icing
65-75 Candy Eyes
Popcorn Box 
Black Paper
1 yard Cheesecloth
Glue Stick
4 Googly Eyes
Pop the popcorn and lay it out on a baking sheet. Drizzle the white icing over the popcorn, and then drizzle the black icing over the popcorn. Add the candy eyes before the icing dries. If needed add an extra dab of icing and then add a candy eye to the icing. Let the popcorn dry.
 Cut pieces of black paper to cover the popcorn box, and then cut the cheesecloth into strips and wrap it around the box. Secure the beginning and ends with a glue stick. Glue googly eyes where you want them. Let dry completely.

Fill the box with the popcorn. Place a few eyes so they are staring straight up and some looking over the side of the box.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this fun, quick to make Halloween treat. This Yummy Mummy filled with “I Can See You” Popcorn would make a cute treat for friends and family at Halloween! 

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