The Freshman Cook: Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs

What would Easter be without Easter Eggs?! They are such a big part of many celebrations! As my son was growing up we had one Easter tradition that was a part of every Easter~the annual Easter Egg hunt. The only difference was their our hunt was really a hunt for his basket full of goodies. The first egg was next to his bed when he woke up in the morning. Each egg held a clue to the next egg. He had to read the clue and follow the directions to the next clue. I always made them rhyme, and I would change them, making them more difficult as he got older. When we first started he couldn’t even read. We did them until he was about 14 or 15, but I have a feeling he just wanted to do it for me. I even thought about making them way more difficult by having him hunt on his dirt bike or four wheeler, but we never did. Maybe when he has kids! Anyway, these eggs are probably not the best for hiding, but I think you will find them perfect for eating!
Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs

1/2 pound Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Block

1/2 jar Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter
1/2 jar Nutella
Egg Mold
small food safe Paintbrush Melt the milk chocolate in a double boiler. Melting the chocolate on a low, slow burner is the best road to success.
Use a paintbrush that is only used for food to paint the bottoms of each egg in the mold. Paint up the sides, then look at it from the bottom to make sure all is covered. Refrigerate until solid.
Melt the cookie butter in a double boiler. You do not need to add anything to it. Cookie Butter has a great creamy consistency when heated. Make your own double boiler by using two pans, one slightly larger than the other. Fill the larger of the two with a cup or two of hot water, but not too much. When you put the smaller pan on top of the bigger one, you do not want the top pan to touch the water.
Fill the mold with the melted cookie butter. Leave just enough at the top to add the bottom chocolate layer. Refrigerate until set up completely.
Once the inside filling is set up, put you bottom layer on. You can brush it on or carefully pour it on a little at a time. Use the same milk chocolate that you used for the top of your egg. You don’t need much, just enough to cover the filling. Smooth with the paintbrush. Refrigerate.
To make the nutella filled eggs, melt the nutella in a double boiler just like the cookie butter. It works exactly the same way. Fill the mold with some milk chocolate to cover the top of the egg. Refrigerate.
Add the Nutella. Isn’t that so smooth and pretty! Refrigerate, then add the bottom layer of milk chocolate just like for the cookie butter eggs. Refrigerate again.
Decorate your eggs how ever you would like. Designs, words, names, hashtags, anything works! I used my favorite Royal Icing recipe to make mine.

I also made some eggs using the milk chocolate as a filling. The only difference here is that the milk chocolate needs to be mixed with a little heavy whipping cream for a creamy consistency. As I heated the chocolate I added the cream. Make sure the cream is not just cold from the fridge. It should sit out for about 15 minutes. Slowly pour it into the chocolate while stirring until the cream in absorbed and the chocolate is drippable off a spoon. (It’s a word)! It makes a great, tasty and rich egg filling. There are a lot of different ways to fill chocolate eggs.  You could use any of the baking chips, like the butterscotch chips, caramel chips, or even the mint chocolate chips. They would all be yummy! Thanks for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you find it helpful! Have a safe and Happy Easter! Here a few other Easter goodies you may enjoy: Colorful White Chocolate Truffles   Mr. McGregors Marshmallow Carrots

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