The Freshman Cook: May 2016

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Today I have some Grilled London Broil Steak Tacos on the menu! We are celebrating the grilling season this week on Sunday Supper by Throwing something on the Barbie! When it comes to grilling, everyone has an opinion! It is an entire culture all on its own! You can have a favorite way to grill: gas or wood. How about a favorite method: direct, indirect, smoking and rotisserie. To make it even more interesting, each of those categories have categories!

These Grilled London Broil Steak Tacos come together quickly, but you will want to tenderize the London Broil the day before you want to serve these yummy tacos to get optimum flavor! The steak and the peppers cook at the same time, and as the steak comes off to rest, the tortillas go on, and the peppers and tortillas come off together. Get ready for a great meal! 


 Grilled London Broil Steak Tacos

London Broil Steak

Italian Dressing (not creamy)

A1 Sauce 

Garlic Powder

Red, yellow, and Orange Peppers, thinly sliced

Vidalia Onion, thinly sliced

Flour Tacos


Ranchero Queso Fresco

Sour Cream 


Tenderize the steak by sprinkling garlic powder on top, and pouring A-1 and Italian dressing on top of the garlic powder.

Use 2 forks and push them in and out of the steak, moving all over the steak. Then flip it over and do it again. When you begin, the fork will be slightly resistant to piercing the steak, but as you continue, it will become easier and easier. Cover the steak and refrigerate it overnight.

Sprinkle chipotle seasoning on the steak and place on the grill on medium heat.

Sear the meat one way, for two minutes, then lift and score it in the other direction for two minutes.

Flip the steak over and do it again. 

Place the veggies in a packet of foil and place on the grill. Close foil for quicker cooking. I put these on the grill as the steak was 4 minutes away from being done. The peppers will be cooked, but still have a crunch. If you like them softer, put them on the grill earlier.


Take off the steak and let it rest for a few minutes. Place tortillas on the grill. They start to bubble up quickly. Remove when they do.

 Thinly slice the london broil.

 Build the taco by adding lettuce, cheese, steak, peppers and onions, sour cream and salsa.

Enjoy your tacos!

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Thanks so much to Sue Lau who blogs at A Palatable Pastime, for hosting this fun event!

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