The Freshman Cook: November 2017

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The holiday season is officially upon us, and with that comes dinner parties, cocktail parties, office parties, neighborhood parties, and the list goes on! One thing is a pretty good bet, if it’s a party there will be cocktails of some sort and if you are the party giver, you will love serving this Cranberry Champagne Cocktail. It is an easy drink to make, with minimal ingredients, and it’s festive and fun!

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail 


Red Food Coloring
Fresh Cranberries
Small Skewers
Cranberry Juice 

 Sugar on Rim

1) Pour some coarse sugar in a bowl. Squeeze in some liquid red

    food color. Mix together with a spoon until all the sugar is red. 

    Place sugar in to bowl.

 2) Take a cut lime or lemon, and run it around the rim of glass.    . 

 3) Dip the rim into bowl of red sugar. Spin around until covered. 

Cranberry Skewers

1) Freeze the cranberries before placing the berries on the skewer. 

    You can place the cranberries on the skewers ahead of time, then

    freeze until ready to serve. (They defrost quickly)


1) I went with 50/50 Champagne and Cranberry Juice. You can 

 make the champagne to cocktail juice ratio whatever you want.

2) Make the mix in a large pitcher or bowl. It will be easier and 

     quicker to fill the glasses this way. 

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