The Freshman Cook: Our Main Course for Today~The Philly!!

It’s hard to beat a philly steak sandwich. I mean, it has everything~tender, juicy, thinly sliced steak, sweet, sweet, sauteed onions, cheesy, chewable, provolone cheese, an oh so soft, and beautifully lightly browned sub roll, and sweet, creamy, philadelphia cream cheese. WAIT! What!……….Oh yeah! There is nothing better than a philly with cream cheese lightly spread on the bun. The first time I was served a philly with cream cheese was at the Palace Saloon in Fernandina Beach, Florida. It is the most beautiful place, and is also Florida’s oldest continually running saloon. But the last time I was there I was told they do not serve food anymore. So Sad!! Well, now it is up to us to keep this tradition alive. Just try it. I know you will like it!!

Here’s what you will need:

1/2 pound sirloin sliced very thin

medium onion cut into small slices

provolone cheese slices

super soft deli roll

cream cheese~whipped or regular  Slice your sirloin very thin, If you are having trouble getting it as thin as you want it to be,heres a little trick.  Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes.This will enable you to have better control as you are slicing. Slice your onions into thin rounds, and then cut them in half.
Once they reduce in size by sauteing, they are the perfect bite size!

Start by cooking your onions. I like to saute on medium high heat 

with a little butter. If you saute on too high of heat, your butter will burn.
Go ahead and add your sirloin just as your onions start to saute.
Move your onions and sirloin as they cook.
This is what it should look like when fully cooked. Drain any excess juice. Add your Provolone Slices to your meat while it is in the pan.
If you don’t have a lid for your pan, you can improvise.  I used another similar size pan to make my lid. I have even used cookie sheets when I don’t have anything else. There is no wrong way. You are just trying to melt your cheese. Prepare your sub roll with the Philly cream cheese. Now, I know some people like mayo on their philly. So put it on! There is no wrong way to enjoy the food you like! You can add tomato and lettuce if you would like. It’s all good! Use a spatula to put your meat on your roll.
Dig in! There are some variations you can use to make your philly cheesesteak more appealing to you. You can saute red, green, and/or yellow peppers to add to you sandwich. If you want to do this, then put the peppers on to saute before the onions. Let them cook a little and get a little soft before adding the onions and meat. Peppers take a little longer to cook. You can also add mushrooms.Put them  on to cook early like the peppers.  Thanks for joining me today. Tomorrow we will make our side dish!

See you then!!

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